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Project Description Last Change
bobcat.git BobcatBSD 13 months ago
hooks.git Git hooks for BobcatBSD 19 months ago
bazic.git baZic 10 months ago
beyond-the-titanic.git Beyond The Titanic is a text... 6 years ago
bomber.git The Mad Bomber 10 months ago
boothdye.git Pick Up the Phone Booth and Dye 10 months ago
devours.git All Things Devours 10 months ago
digits.git This is definitely a thinking... 5 years ago
flatfeet.git Flat Feet No commits
grue-hunter.git Grue Hunter is a text adventur... 3 years ago
homeland.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 weeks ago
kxp.git KXP = KGoldRunner eXpansion... 4 years ago
mudsync.git 8sync based live hackable MUD 2 years ago
open-adventure.git This code is a forward-port... 14 months ago
orl.git A set of replacement levels... 9 months ago
reverzi.git Reversi 10 months ago
rfk-inform.git robotfindskitten ported to... 10 months ago
robots.git ROBOTS: Another abuse of the... 10 months ago
spiritwrak.git SPIRITWRAK 10 months ago
super-star-trek.git Super Star Trek is almost... 14 months ago
supernova.git Supernova is a text adventure... 5 years ago
the-house.git A sample. 4 years ago
the-mall.git A text adventure 11 months ago
the-server-room.git The Server Room 2 months ago
vengeance.git Vengeance 10 months ago
wumpus.git Exact clone of the ancient... 15 months ago
z-life.git Z-LIFE 10 months ago
zchess.git zchess 10 months ago
ztornado.git Tornado 10 months ago
its.git The Incompatible Timesharing... 2 years ago
Inform 6
cloak-of-darkness.git The Cloak of Darkness specific... 13 months ago
ibg.git Inform Beginner's Guide 15 months ago
inform-resources.git Resources for Inform 6 13 months ago
inform.git A modified version of the... 6 weeks ago
informlib.git A modified version of the... 11 months ago
a56.git Motorola DSP56001 assembler 2 years ago
b43-tools.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
carl9170fw.git CARL9170 Firmware Source Repos... 2 months ago
freedo.git Images of Freedo 17 months ago
kernel-build.git Scripts to build Linux-libre 16 months ago
kernel-configs.git Kernel configs for Linux-libre 2 days ago
linux-deblob.git The deblob scripts for Linux... 2 days ago
linux-libre-firmware.git Firmware for use with Linux... 12 months ago
linux-libre.git Scripts and source code for... 2 days ago
open-ath9k-htc-firmware.git The firmware for QCA AR7010... 4 months ago
releases.git Scripts and source code for... 3 days ago
ms-dos.git The original sources of MS... 20 months ago
monolithium.git The Monolithium Operating... 4 days ago
mim.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
muddle.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
mudman.git Muddle manuals 4 weeks ago
pdp10-muddle.git PDP-10 Muddle 14 months ago
loomr.git An R-based interface for loom... 12 months ago
Short Stories
the-compound.git The Compound 8 months ago
Sierra One
aven.git The Aven 12 months ago
sierraone.git A fictional universe 13 months ago
binutils.git The GNU Binary Utilities 5 months ago
gcc.git The GNU Compiler Collection 7 weeks ago
gmp.git The GNU Multiple Precision... 5 months ago
kernel-toolchain.git A script to build a toolchain 7 weeks ago
mpc.git The GNU Multiple Precision... 18 months ago
mpfr.git GNU Multiple Precision Floatin... 17 months ago
uju.git The Ujuian people 2 months ago
8sync.git An asynchronous programming... 3 months ago
DeezloaderRemix.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 months ago
chai.git Notes on Mali T700 series... 2 years ago
harlon.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 22 months ago A Firefox extension for replac... 8 months ago
lz4json.git C decompress tool for mozilla... 4 years ago
mes.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 weeks ago
oinit.git Process control initialization No commits
openflops.git Floppy Drive Simulator 4 months ago
selfix.git SELFIX 2 years ago
skeinsum.git Compute and check Skein crypto... 14 months ago
srt2vtt.git Convert SRT subtitle files... 5 years ago
ssic.git Server Side Includes Compiler 6 years ago
stage0.git A class of minimal bootstrap... 38 hours ago
tfcrypt.git tfcrypt -- high security Three... 6 months ago
unME11.git Intel ME 11.x Firmware Images... 21 months ago
user-tracker.git scans specified... 6 years ago
substrate.git A ZIL substrate. 4 years ago
zdevtools.git Z-machine Development Tools 3 years ago
zilutils.git Utilities for compiling ZIL... 13 months ago