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Project Description Last Change
bobcat.git BobcatBSD 3 months ago
hooks.git Git hooks for BobcatBSD 9 months ago
bazic.git baZic 4 weeks ago
beyond-the-titanic.git Beyond The Titanic is a text... 5 years ago
bomber.git The Mad Bomber 4 weeks ago
boothdye.git Pick Up the Phone Booth and Dye 4 weeks ago
devours.git All Things Devours 4 weeks ago
digits.git This is definitely a thinking... 4 years ago
flatfeet.git Flat Feet No commits
grue-hunter.git Grue Hunter is a text adventur... 2 years ago
homeland.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 9 days ago
kxp.git KXP = KGoldRunner eXpansion... 3 years ago
mudsync.git 8sync based live hackable MUD 2 years ago
open-adventure.git This code is a forward-port... 5 months ago
reverzi.git Reversi 3 weeks ago
rfk-inform.git robotfindskitten ported to... 3 weeks ago
robots.git ROBOTS: Another abuse of the... 4 weeks ago
spiritwrak.git SPIRITWRAK 4 weeks ago
super-star-trek.git Super Star Trek is almost... 4 months ago
supernova.git Supernova is a text adventure... 4 years ago
the-house.git A sample. 4 years ago
the-mall.git A text adventure 6 weeks ago
the-server-room.git The Server Room 10 days ago
vengeance.git Vengeance 4 weeks ago
wumpus.git Exact clone of the ancient... 5 months ago
z-life.git Z-LIFE 3 weeks ago
zchess.git zchess 4 weeks ago
ztornado.git Tornado 4 weeks ago
its.git The Incompatible Timesharing... 14 months ago
Inform 6
cloak-of-darkness.git The Cloak of Darkness specific... 3 months ago
ibg.git Inform Beginner's Guide 5 months ago
inform-resources.git Resources for Inform 6 3 months ago
inform.git A modified version of the... 2 months ago
informlib.git A modified version of the... 2 months ago
a56.git Motorola DSP56001 assembler 21 months ago
b43-tools.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
carl9170fw.git CARL9170 Firmware Source Repos... 4 weeks ago
freedo.git Images of Freedo 7 months ago
kernel-build.git Scripts to build Linux-libre 6 months ago
kernel-configs.git Kernel configs for Linux-libre 3 days ago
linux-deblob.git The deblob scripts for Linux... 3 days ago
linux-libre-firmware.git Firmware for use with Linux... 2 months ago
linux-libre.git Scripts and source code for... 3 days ago
open-ath9k-htc-firmware.git The firmware for QCA AR7010... 19 months ago
ms-dos.git The original sources of MS... 10 months ago
monolithium.git The Monolithium Operating... 5 months ago
mim.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 18 months ago
muddle.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 17 months ago
mudman.git Muddle manuals 10 months ago
pdp10-muddle.git PDP-10 Muddle 4 months ago
loomr.git An R-based interface for loom... 3 months ago
Short Stories
the-compound.git The Compound 7 weeks ago
Sierra One
aven.git The Aven 2 months ago
sierraone.git A fictional universe 3 months ago
binutils.git The GNU Binary Utilities 7 months ago
gcc.git The GNU Compiler Collection 4 weeks ago
gmp.git The GNU Multiple Precision... 8 months ago
kernel-toolchain.git A script to build a toolchain 4 weeks ago
mpc.git The GNU Multiple Precision... 8 months ago
mpfr.git GNU Multiple Precision Floatin... 7 months ago
uju.git The Ujuian people 6 months ago
8sync.git An asynchronous programming... 4 months ago
DeezloaderRemix.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 24 hours ago
chai.git Notes on Mali T700 series... 17 months ago
harlon.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 12 months ago
lz4json.git C decompress tool for mozilla... 3 years ago
mes.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 24 hours ago
oinit.git Process control initialization No commits
selfix.git SELFIX 2 years ago
skeinsum.git Compute and check Skein crypto... 4 months ago
srt2vtt.git Convert SRT subtitle files... 4 years ago
ssic.git Server Side Includes Compiler 5 years ago
stage0.git A class of minimal bootstrap... 7 weeks ago
unME11.git Intel ME 11.x Firmware Images... 11 months ago
user-tracker.git scans specified... 6 years ago
substrate.git A ZIL substrate. 4 years ago
zdevtools.git Z-machine Development Tools 3 years ago
zilutils.git Utilities for compiling ZIL... 3 months ago