2020-08-23 Jason SelfAdded ability to define multiple functions (without... master
2020-08-23 Jason SelfFixed small bug at pass_alnums function
2020-08-23 Jason SelfAdded error messages displaying using source file name...
2019-05-23 Jason SelfUpdating to reflect the latest work
2019-05-23 Jason SelfAdd creation of .dat file by writing header and few...
2019-05-01 Jason SelfUpdate README.md to mention the IRC channel
2019-04-25 Jason SelfAdd a small Hello World program to be assembled
2019-04-24 Jason SelfUpdate .gitignore
2019-04-23 Jason SelfAdd man page for zilasm
2019-04-22 Jason SelfAdd INSTALL document
2019-04-21 Jason SelfUpdate build documentation
2019-04-21 Jason SelfCorrect a typo in the README
2019-04-21 Jason SelfMove the new README into README.md
2019-04-21 Jason SelfAdd initial README
2019-04-21 Jason SelfAdd .gitattributes
2019-04-21 Jason SelfAdd an initial README to zilasm
2019-04-21 Jason SelfAdd SPDX-License-Identifier to all files
2019-04-20 Jason SelfAdd -Wall -Werror to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2019-04-20 Jason Selfzilasm: Add foreign to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2016-05-06 Jason SelfUpdating to reflect the latest work.
2015-10-06 Jason SelfDEFAULT_ZVERSION added instead of magic number.
2015-10-06 Jason SelfAssembly loop added, calling empty routines.
2015-10-06 Jason SelfMove stuff from main() to new build_output_filename...
2015-10-06 Jason Self.gitignore updated
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Updating usage information to say that...
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Construct output filename from input filen...
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Bugfix output_file assignment.
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Printing input filenames.
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Cmdline option for output file added.
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Extend wrong_arg routine.
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Default ZVersion changed from 1 to 6,...
2015-09-19 Jason Selfzilasm/main: Format to Allman style
2015-09-02 theflash[zilasm] Fix zserial parsing. Patch by Jason Self....
2015-09-01 theflashImplement argument parsing in zilasm. Patch by Jason...
2015-08-03 theflashFirst commit