2017-09-13 Michael Bueschfwcutter/make: Avoid _DEFAULT_SOURCE warning master
2017-09-11 Sam Edwardsfwcutter: Add firmware
2016-08-02 Michael Bueschdebug: Fix ordering of HF bits
2016-08-02 Michael KochRemove definitions which are not Broadcom specific
2016-08-02 Michael KochChange order of identifiers to be ascending with the...
2016-08-02 Michael KochRename bits in hostflags to match new identifiers for...
2016-07-27 Michael KochAdd aliases for Corerev >= 16, Corerev >= 22, and 802...
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-019
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update copyright information
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update man page
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add debian patches dir
2014-06-25 Michael BueschUpdate .gitignore
2014-06-25 Daniel Echeverryfwcutter manpage: Fix title
2014-06-25 Ralf Treinenfwcutter manpage: Remove reference to --postfix option
2014-06-25 Daniel Echeverryfwcutter: Import the debian build scripts
2014-02-08 Phil CalvinBuild on Mac OS 10.9 by using libkern/OSByteOrder.h
2013-07-29 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-018
2013-07-29 Michael BueschFix memset size argument error.
2013-07-29 Larry Fingerfwcutter: Add firmware
2013-02-28 Michael Bueschb43-asm: const-ify yyerror() argument
2013-02-28 Hauke Mehrtensb43-asm: fix compile error: undefined reference to...
2013-02-17 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update URLs
2012-12-07 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-017
2012-12-07 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Fix typo in release script
2012-12-07 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Fix type punning
2012-12-07 Hauke Mehrtensb43-fwcutter: pack correct ucode for brcmsmac fw
2012-09-24 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-016
2012-09-24 Hauke Mehrtensb43-fwcutter: Add support for generating a fw for brcmsmac
2012-02-27 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Rewrite release script
2011-09-12 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Fix some dependency issues
2011-09-12 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Add new instructions to README
2011-09-12 Michael Bueschb43-dasm: suppress compiler warning
2011-09-12 Francesco Gringolib43-asm, b43-dasm: Add 5 new instructions.
2011-08-21 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-015 b43-fwcutter-015-release
2011-08-21 Michael BueschRemove firmware-IDs
2011-08-21 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Add 5 new drivers to cut list
2011-08-21 Michael BueschUpdate my e-mail address
2011-03-23 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-014 b43-fwcutter-014-release
2011-03-23 Larry FingerAdd details for extracting firmware from
2011-02-18 Michael BueschUpdate .gitignore
2011-02-18 Michael BueschFrom: grarpamp <grarpamp@gmail.com>
2010-09-24 Michael BueschAssembler: Don't print the real binary name in the...
2010-09-24 Michael Bueschb43-beautifier: transform mov imm and jmp
2010-09-24 Michael BueschAdd a set of firmware include files
2010-09-24 Michael Bueschb43-beautifier fixes
2010-09-24 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Minor fixes
2010-09-24 Michael BueschAdd brcm80211-ivaldump
2010-09-24 Michael BueschRename brcm80211fwconv
2010-09-24 Michael Bueschb43-ivaldump: Use assembly as output format
2010-09-23 Michael Bueschlibb43.py: Default phy parameter to None
2010-09-23 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Add missing break
2010-09-23 Michael BueschMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.bu3sch.de/home/git...
2010-09-23 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Rename is_labelref to labelref_operand
2010-09-23 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Decode operands of new jump instructions
2010-09-23 Michael Bueschb43-fwdump: Disassembler fixups
2010-09-22 Michael Bueschlibb43.py: Use hashlib
2010-09-22 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update .gitignore
2010-09-21 Michael Bueschassembler: Make wrapper script posix shell compliant.
2010-09-21 Michael BueschAssembler: Fix CPP lineinfo interpreter
2010-09-21 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Improve cflags
2010-09-20 Michael BueschThrow errors on missing header files
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschassembler: Fix debug output
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschassembler: Put commandline args into structure
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Put debug variable into cmdargs struct
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Improve header error messages
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Update selftest to support r15 arch
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Use 4 digits for code address
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Force opcode @0 to decode raw operands
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Add support for calls/rets (untested)
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Add option to decode operands of unknown...
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Add error helpers
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Add new call/ret
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Emit %start directive. This avoids a...
2010-09-19 Michael BueschAssembler: Better error message for %arch
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschbrcm80211fwconv: Complain if the index is invalid
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschbrcm80211fwconv: Fix sorting for merge
2010-09-19 Michael BueschUpdate .gitignore
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschbrcm80211fwconv: Add support for merging data back
2010-09-19 Michael BueschUpdate file headers
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschassembler/disassembler: Fix indirect mem addressing...
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschassembler: Add support for raw output format
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschassembler: Some r15 fixes
2010-09-19 Michael BueschDecode opcode 0x002 RAW on r15 for now.
2010-09-19 Michael BueschInstall brcm80211fwconv
2010-09-19 Michael BueschAdd script for brcm80211 firmware conversion
2010-09-19 Michael BueschDisassembler: Fixes for r15 architecture
2010-08-07 Michael Bueschb43asm: Update README
2010-07-26 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: add COPYING file
2010-04-19 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Fix compiler warnings
2010-04-19 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Fix release script tagging b43-fwcutter-013 b43-fwcutter-013-release
2010-04-19 Michael BueschUpdate release script
2010-04-19 Michael BueschBump fwcutter version
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschssb_sprom: Fix binary name
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschssb_sprom: Fix sparse warnings
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschssb_sprom: Add sparse support, Add quiet build, Add...
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add sparse support, Add quiet build, Add...
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschdisassembler: Fix sparse warnings
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschassembler: Fix sparse warnings
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschasm/disasm: Add sparse support, Add quiet build, Add...
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschasm: Don't ignore install failures