2019-04-21 Jason SelfCorrect the man page for skein1024sum master
2019-02-25 Jason SelfUpdate README with reference to the man pages
2019-02-25 Jason SelfAdd .gitattributes
2019-02-25 Jason SelfRound out the test suite
2019-02-25 Jason SelfAdd man pages
2019-02-25 Jason SelfAdd some missing license notices
2019-02-24 Jason SelfRemove SHA3 references
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd home page and email address to help output
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd PACKAGE_URL to
2019-02-24 Jason SelfUse skeinVersion in help text
2019-02-24 Jason SelfCompute the version number dynamically
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd additional autogenerated files to gitignore
2019-02-24 Jason SelfInclude strerror with AC_CHECK_FUNCS
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd foreign to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2019-02-24 Jason SelfUpdate AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2019-02-24 Jason SelfUpdate to autoconf 2.69
2019-02-24 Jason SelfRemove autogenerated files
2015-09-28 Jason SelfBetter cmdline errors handling.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfTest for -0 added.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfTesting results updated.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfCritical bugfix: call Hash routine with BitsCount inste...
2015-09-28 Jason SelfBugfix SKEIN_DEEP_DUMP printing.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfMove stuff from main to separate PrintStringHash routine
2015-09-28 Jason SelfHashing cmdline strings added.
2015-09-28 Jason Selfprint_usage: merge printf calls and realign.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfReplace remaining fprintf/stderr calls to WARN.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfTry to debug unchanged /proc/softirqs checksum.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfRemove unused vars.
2015-09-19 Jason SelfInitial testing added.
2015-09-19 Jason SelfAdd WARN macro.
2015-09-19 Jason SelfAllow short opts for help and version.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfisProper - small changes.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfHashMatch: do return values more strict.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfBugfix signed/unsigned typecast.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfYet another magic number replaced to calculated value.
2015-09-15 Jason Selfis_goodfile: no special verbose mode, always verbose...
2015-09-15 Jason Selfskein_cli main routine simplified.
2015-09-14 Jason SelfTRYHELP_GOODBYE macro added.
2015-09-14 Jason SelfBetter vertical alignment
2015-09-14 Jason SelfMerge matching code to new HashStdin routine.
2015-09-08 Jason SelfUpdating skeinsum with a new scheme for reading large...
2015-09-02 Jason Selfgitignore added
2015-09-02 Jason SelfAC_SYS_LARGEFILE added.
2015-09-02 Jason SelfAutoconf and Automake updated.
2014-08-11 Jason SelfAdd usage information to README file.
2014-08-11 Jason SelfFixed buffer overflow
2014-08-11 Jason Self+Importing skeinsum