descriptionSupernova is a text adventure game from the 1980s written in Pascal.
last changeFri, 21 Nov 2014 15:25:23 +0000 (07:25 -0800)
2014-11-21 Jason SelfCheck for mandatory terminal window size and fail if... master
2014-11-20 Jason SelfAdding ncurses refresh & some initialization code
2014-11-16 Jason SelfUpdating build instructions with correct file names
2014-11-16 Jason SelfCorrecting minor typo in file name
2014-11-16 Jason SelfCorrecting address for the zip file; accidentally point...
2014-11-16 Jason SelfAdding Game history
2014-11-16 Jason SelfModifying software to compile with the Free Pascal...
2014-11-16 Jason SelfAdding licensing details as it appears Apogee overlooke...
2014-11-16 Jason SelfUpdating FSF address and adding website URL
2014-11-16 Jason SelfUpgrading to GPLv3
2014-11-16 Jason SelfImporting Apogee Software's GPL release of Supernova...
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