Fixed feed command and white space in tests
[open-adventure.git] / init.c
2017-07-03 NHOrusBroke all logical or into multiline statement to show... 200/head
2017-07-02 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-02 Jason S. NinnemanEliminate the global game.blklin. 194/head
2017-07-02 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-02 Aaron TraasMoved application settings to settings_t struct
2017-07-02 Aaron Traascentralize calls to make_zzword()
2017-07-02 Aaron Traasmake_zzword() moved to initialize. Pruned unused stuff...
2017-07-01 NHOrusPut stuff back in init, C-style
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondMove PRNG initialization to simplify cheat.c
2017-07-01 NHOrusSpread documentation from init.c It was empty without...
2017-07-01 NHOrusCut initialize in favor of implicit/default initializat...
2017-06-29 NHOrusUnshadowed k2 into k3 in main.c 155/head
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanJettison MAKEWD(), GETTXT(), vocab(), GETIN(), and...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondDe-macroize references to travel opcode fields we won...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondMore macro abstraction of the travel opcodes.
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondAfter splitting out the stop field, nothing ever negate...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondBreak travel opcodes into a two-element structure.
2017-06-27 Eric S. RaymondTravel tables are all done from YAML now.
2017-06-27 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish VOCWRD().
2017-06-27 Jason S. NinnemanReexpress the motion words in adventure.yaml.
2017-06-26 Jason S. NinnemanUse enums for object number mnemonics instead of VOCWRD...
2017-06-26 Jason S. Ninnemanobject_descriptions[] is now objects[]. 136/head
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondChange the name of the KEY array to avoid an upcoming...
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondTake FORTRANish upper-case function names to C-style...
2017-06-25 Eric S. RaymondDix off-by-one errors induced by tightening some array...
2017-06-25 Eric S. RaymondFully subsume section 7 into YAML.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondImprove comments, eliminate magic numbers.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondGive generate constant arrays the const specifier.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondReplace magic MINTRS/MAXTRS with a treasure attribute...
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondLOCSIZ -> NLOCATIONS, finishing limit-name cleanup.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondMore fixed limits (NOBJECTS, LOCSIZ) stop being fixed.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondRationalize names of structure array sizes.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondElimination of OBJSND.
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondLocation sounds are now declared by YAML.
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondToss unused parts of dungeon.c and init.c
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondReplace macros with condition bits.
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondGive the FORCED property a real cond bit. Delete some...
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondSwitch fully over to YAML generation of condition bits...
2017-06-21 Jason S. NinnemanSwitch to 0-indexing for hint handling code. 127/head
2017-06-21 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish HNTMAX and HNTSIZ in favor of HINT_COUNT.
2017-06-20 Jason S. NinnemanClean out some disused variables.
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMostly confine assumptions about what token_t is to...
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondConcentrate all magic-number values for packed-string...
2017-06-19 NHOrusEven less magic 111/head
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish MAXDIE in favor of maximum_deaths. 104/head
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondNo longer restricted to 6-character FORTRAN identifiers.
2017-06-18 Eric S. RaymondRe-format to consistent indent style with "make indent".
2017-06-17 NHOrusLittle cleanup of variable names 94/head
2017-06-16 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into actions-arithmetic 87/head
2017-06-16 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-15 Eric S. RaymondUse symbolic shortnames for locations.
2017-06-15 NHOrusLocalizing variables 82/head 83/head
2017-06-15 Eric S. RaymondUse LOC_* constants for locations. Clean up some ARB_...
2017-06-14 Jason S. NinnemanPut the long and short location descriptions into a... 79/head
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondAbolish setup check, there's no possibility of restart.
2017-06-11 Jason S. NinnemanMore retrofitting.
2017-06-08 Eric S. RaymondAbolish funcs.h.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondMove MAXDIE computation to dungeonmaker.
2017-06-07 Eric S. Raymondinit.c is now real C.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondGoto elimination.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondEliminate globals.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondLocalize TK.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondNarrow the scope of IGO.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondFinish moving state arrays into game structure block.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondMore collecting of globals.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number cleanup.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondBite the bullet - size siymbols have to be shared.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondBring SETUP variable into game state block
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondPull more globals into the game state block.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondMove more globals into the game state block.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondPack more globals into the game block structure.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondCapture clock variables into the game-state block.
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondFirst step in game state encapsulation: the dwarf ...
2017-06-07 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-06 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-06 Eric S. RaymondAbstract out NOBJECTS (formerly magic number 100).
2017-06-06 Eric S. RaymondReplace homebrew IABS() with C kubrary labs(3).
2017-06-02 Eric S. RaymondHeader consolidation - main.h, misc.h, and share.h...
2017-05-29 Eric S. RaymondSimplify build: nested makefiles considered harmful.
2017-05-29 Jason S. NinnemanMove database compilation out into its own tool (for... 15/head
2017-05-28 Jason S. NinnemanFactor out handling of variables populated from the... 14/head
2017-05-26 Jason S. NinnemanJust say no to encrypting internal state. 11/head
2017-05-24 Eric S. RaymondRevert structurization changes, they broke database...
2017-05-24 Eric S. RaymondRevert a variable name previously changed to be out...
2017-05-24 Eric S. RaymondMore structurization.
2017-05-24 Eric S. RaymondMore global-to-structure moves.
2017-05-23 Eric S. RaymondMove more globals into the state structure.
2017-05-23 Eric S. RaymondBegin gathering saveable game state into a structure...
2017-05-23 Eric S. RaymondAdded oldstyle option.
2017-05-23 Eric S. RaymondFix capitalization glitches.
2017-05-23 Eric S. RaymondFix strange inside-out organization of the input routines.
2017-05-22 Eric S. RaymondCorrect long-size bug that resulted in checksum error.
2017-05-21 Eric S. RaymondFix up case on all comments to make them more readable...
2017-05-18 Eric S. RaymondMore boolification.
2017-05-18 Eric S. RaymondReplace fDATIME with ANSI/POSIX clock_gettime(). Rip...
2017-05-18 Eric S. RaymondUse prototypes and bools.
2017-02-16 Eric S. RaymondMinimal forward-port to modern C - just enough to get...
2017-02-16 Eric S. RaymondDon Wood's 430-point Adventure 2.5 from 1995, from...