Static analysis warnings squished
[open-adventure.git] / misc.c
2017-07-05 NHOrusStatic analysis warnings squished 212/head
2017-07-05 Eric S. RaymondFix dropped stitch in last commit.
2017-07-05 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-05 Eric S. RaymondUnder oldstyle, mangled echoed unknown text to simulate...
2017-07-04 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-04 NHOrusCleaned up unused variables
2017-07-04 Jason S. NinnemanUpgrade get_vocab_id() to handle empty strings.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondDiscard implementation of %L and %U format specifiers...
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondReducing use of dynamic allocation forecloses many...
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondInformation hiding.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondSimplify tokenization code.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondUse the raw buffer in tr command structure for editing.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondRefactor tokenization to save raw tokens and use static...
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-03 NHOrusBroke all logical or into multiline statement to show... 200/head
2017-07-03 NHOrusUnspk'd pour command
2017-07-02 Jason S. NinnemanEliminate the global game.blklin. 194/head
2017-07-02 NHOrusRationalize attack logic 192/head
2017-07-02 Aaron TraasMoved application settings to settings_t struct
2017-07-02 Jason S. NinnemanReplace datime() with just time(). 190/head
2017-07-02 Aaron TraasCoverage -- version command
2017-07-02 Aaron Traascentralize calls to make_zzword()
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanNever write the input prompt to log files. 183/head
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondIgnore l g z i under oldstyle.
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanReplace linenoise with libedit in code and build.
2017-07-01 NHOrusSpread documentation from init.c It was empty without...
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-01 NHOrusStop leaking memory
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanVarious cleanups. 173/head
2017-06-30 Eric S. RaymondUse YAML block-literal syntax to avoid wrapped lines.
2017-06-30 NHOrusPlugged little linenoise memory leaks. 170/head
2017-06-30 Eric S. RaymondImplement and document %V escape so version only needs...
2017-06-30 Jason S. NinnemanRemove some disused stuff.
2017-06-29 Aaron TraasDocumentation and comment cleanup.
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondRe-indented.
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondFix an OB1 bug in allocation.
2017-06-29 NHOrusUnshadowed k2 into k3 in main.c 155/head
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanFinish newdb -> dungeon renaming. 153/head
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanRemove MAPLIN(). Fold common.[ch] into other files...
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanJettison MAKEWD(), GETTXT(), vocab(), GETIN(), and...
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanCompletely wire vocab words in YAML to the code. 151/head
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondImplement and document state-changes messages in YAML.
2017-06-28 NHOrusSome more linter warnings
2017-06-28 Aaron TraasTest coverage: make LCOV ignore code unreachable withou...
2017-06-28 Aaron TraasTest coverage: make LCOV ignore bug() and all calls...
2017-06-28 Aaron TraasTest coverage: make LCOV ignore sig_handler and OOM...
2017-06-27 Aaron TraasRemove unused code
2017-06-26 Jason S. Ninnemanobject_descriptions[] is now objects[]. 136/head
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondTake FORTRANish upper-case function names to C-style...
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondElimination of OBJSND.
2017-06-22 Jason S. NinnemanQuick-fix the 'pillo bug'. 130/head
2017-06-21 Aaron Traasxstrdup() not called anywhere in source. Removed.
2017-06-21 Peje NilssonReplace SETPRM/[PR]SPEAK with variadic [pr]speak
2017-06-20 Jason S. NinnemanDon't exit on EOF from get_input().
2017-06-20 Eric S. RaymondComment polishing.
2017-06-20 Eric S. RaymondFix off-by-one error that enabled the fuzzer to find...
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number 116/head
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanFix typo and compiler warning. 115/head
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanAdd token_to_packed() utility function.
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMostly confine assumptions about what token_t is to...
2017-06-19 NHOrusEven less magic 111/head
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanChange YES() to take const char* arguments.
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondAttempt to deconfuse the coverage analyzer.
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondReindent and cleanup.
2017-06-18 Bob Littlemagic numbers, show usage, fixed linty warnings 103/head
2017-06-18 Jason S. NinnemanFix bug that made YES() case-sensitive. 102/head
2017-06-18 Jason S. NinnemanGut and rebuild YES() with cleaner approach that doesn... 101/head
2017-06-18 Eric S. RaymondRemove unused code.
2017-06-18 Jason S. NinnemanRename newspeak() to speak(). 100/head
2017-06-18 Eric S. RaymondRe-format to consistent indent style with "make indent".
2017-06-18 Bob LittleAdded 'linty' target for make
2017-06-16 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into actions-arithmetic 87/head
2017-06-16 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-16 Eric S. RaymondRemove total-ordering assumption.
2017-06-16 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-16 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into actions-arithmetic
2017-06-15 Eric S. RaymondSquasgh -Wextra warnings.
2017-06-15 NHOrusLocalizing variables 82/head 83/head
2017-06-15 Eric S. RaymondMeaningful shortnames for RSPEAK messages.
2017-06-14 Eric S. RaymondMove from random message numbers to ARB_* symbols gener...
2017-06-14 NHOrusLowering the scope And cleaning up some warnings from...
2017-06-14 Eric S. RaymondInclude LCG state in game saves.
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-13 Jason S. NinnemanFix all the simple compiler warnings. 74/head
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondTypo fixes.
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondExplain the prompting logic more fully.
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondFix a minor bug in -l operation. Explain the input...
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondRemove more unused code.
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondRemove now-unused code.
2017-06-13 Eric S. RaymondAddress GitLab issue #10: Spurious '>' characters appea...
2017-06-12 Jason S. NinnemanClean up function argument.
2017-06-12 Jason S. NinnemanUse strdup() instead of strncpy().
2017-06-12 Eric S. RaymondTurn MOD from function to macro.
2017-06-12 Eric S. RaymondAdd -s option.
2017-06-11 Eric S. RaymondClean up compiler warnings.
2017-06-11 Jason S. NinnemanFix broken unpacking algorithm.
2017-06-11 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish SPEAK().
2017-06-11 Jason S. NinnemanWorking first draft of newspeak().
2017-06-11 Jason S. NinnemanGet plural replacement working.