descriptionCompute and check Skein cryptographic hashes
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2019-04-21 Jason SelfCorrect the man page for skein1024sum master
2019-02-25 Jason SelfUpdate README with reference to the man pages
2019-02-25 Jason SelfAdd .gitattributes
2019-02-25 Jason SelfRound out the test suite
2019-02-25 Jason SelfAdd man pages
2019-02-25 Jason SelfAdd some missing license notices
2019-02-24 Jason SelfRemove SHA3 references
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd home page and email address to help output
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd PACKAGE_URL to
2019-02-24 Jason SelfUse skeinVersion in help text
2019-02-24 Jason SelfCompute the version number dynamically
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd additional autogenerated files to gitignore
2019-02-24 Jason SelfInclude strerror with AC_CHECK_FUNCS
2019-02-24 Jason SelfAdd foreign to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2019-02-24 Jason SelfUpdate AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2019-02-24 Jason SelfUpdate to autoconf 2.69
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