Trisquel Turns Ten

Although he tells me that he doesn't recall the exact date Rubén Rodríguez started the Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution in the Spring of 2004 which makes it ten year old this year. I've been using it for about four of those years now, when version 3.5 (codenamed Awen) was released in 2010. Trisquel versions are named after Celtic gods. The next release, version 7, is codenamed belenos after a Celtic sun god. A shining release seems perfectly named to coincide with Trisquel's tenth anniversary.

Given that Trisquel is turning ten I wanted to list ten things that I like about it. I don't normally cite practical issues when talking about free software, but here are some.

I want give a big "Thank You" to everyone that's worked on the Trisquel project over the last ten years. Here's looking forward to ten more.




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