It's been a few months since the last time travel expedition where I go dig up ancient game source code and then pull it forward in time so it can be compiled and run on modern systems, so I decided it was time for another.

This time, due to a request, it's Supernova. Originally published about 30 years ago, Apogee Software released the source code for Supernova and a few other titles under the GPL back in 2009 but they could only be run in an emulator and couldn't be built from source on any modern system. I took advantage of the GPL's freedom to modify, and with about 20 hours (or more? I lost track) of work invested, it can now be built from source and run on modern systems without needing an emulator.

It should compile and run on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X although I've only tested it on GNU/Linux because that's all I have access to. Testing and feedback for other systems is appreciated though. The updated source code can be found at in the git repository but pay attention to the known limitations in the Build file.




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