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Sun, 7 Apr 2019

I've published a science fiction flash fiction story at https://jxself.org/git/?p=sierraone.git. It is, of course, freely licensed under GPL-3.0-or-later.

This sets up some characters and gives them some missions. I'd like it to become a series so that the story continues and things grow and evolve.

I'm using the series as my first attempt at crowdfunding. I have set up an account on Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/jxself/donate where you can donate to fund new stories.

Keeping with the flash fiction format, the series would consist of long-form storytelling broken up into snackable pieces. New stories would be added to that git repository for everyone to read.

The amount of money raised in a month would determine how many stories get published that month, up to a maximum of 4 stories in a single month and essentially amounting to weekly publication.

Goal Stories
$60 1 story
$120 2 stories
$180 3 stories
$240 4 stories
Unused funds will roll over:
  • If I raise less than the minimum in a month the funds will roll over until that level is reached and then a new story would be published.
  • If there's enough to cover one level but not enough to reach the next level, then I'll publish the number of stories based on whatever was actually reached that month and the excess will roll over into the next month and count toward the goal for that month.
  • While I'm capping it out a 4 stories a month, if the funds in a month exceeds 4 stories then the excess will also roll over.

In this way unused funds are never lost. You can see the funds currently being received on the page at Liberapay, and also in the counter at the bottom of this page. That counter is manually updated, though, and so may be delayed but the Liberapay page is live.

Because I believe in free culture, the stories would continue to be licensed under GPL-3.0-or-later. After all: Since it's being funded by the public shouldn't it belong to the public? This is something I think other crowdfunding efforts seem to miss.

Will the people on Sierra One be able to accomplish their mission? And, what will happen to Tomás and B? I hope you found it intriguing enough to fund future stories and see where this goes.

Current amount raised for this month: $0.
Amount to reach next level: $60.
(This is manually updated and may be delayed.)
You can donate at https://liberapay.com/jxself/donate to increase this amount.




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