LibrePlanet 2024, Day 2

Sun, 5 May 2024

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity here at LibrePlanet 2024. After a full day of inspiring talks, workshops, passionate discussions, and laughter shared with fellow free software enthusiasts, I joined in for some fantastic social events. Let me tell you, the energy infectious through it all. I fell asleep in my hotel room, utterly exhausted but energized and inspired by the collective energy. This is how you know it's been a good day at LibrePlanet.

Today marked the second and final day of LibrePlanet 2024, and my heart holds a bittersweet mix of excitement and nostalgia. I enjoyed diving into another full day of talks and workshops dedicated to the cause of software freedom, but sadness lingers knowing that this incredible personal experience is winding down.

Some of the talks I enjoyed include Resurrecting Software Freedom Day by Jurgen Gaeremyn. It was was a rousing call to action.

Software enshittification or freedom? It's not a hard choice. The brilliant Alexandre Oliva's talk was both insightful and hilarious. It masterfully highlighted the problems of proprietary software.

Escape the Walled Garden: Freeing the Apple GPU by Alyssa Rosenzweig showcased the power of reverse engineering and the tireless effort that's going on.

LibrePlanet has always been a source of renewed motivation for me. The passion, the camaraderie, and the sheer determination of everyone in attendance are infectious! It reminds me why I'm part of this movement and why I choose to dedicate time and energy to advocating for software freedom.

And the connections made here are invaluable. Sharing ideas with like-minded individuals, learning from their experiences, and building genuine friendships solidifies that we are not alone in this fight. It's a community in the truest sense of the word.

When I leave LibrePlanet, I won't just be carrying a suitcase. I'll carry the weight of responsibility to spread awareness, the inspiration from the brilliant talks, and the warmth of newly forged connections.

That's why I urge all of you who are passionate about technology and the principles of freedom to support the Free Software Foundation. Become a member, donate, or volunteer. We need your voice, your skills, and your unwavering commitment. The success of free software depends on us, a collective dedicated to building a world where technology serves the people and not vice versa.

LibrePlanet 2024 might be drawing to a close, but my heart is overflowing with renewed energy for this fight. Together, we'll continue to advance the cause of software freedom!