Increased Compatibility

I began maintaining an APT repository for Linux-libre, graciously hosted by the Free Software Foundation Latin America, in September 2011.

My intention has always been that it should be usable by most any GNU+Linux distribution that uses APT but that wasn't always the case.

However, with the release of Linux-libre 3.4.58 and 3.10.7 I am pleased to announce increased compatibility for my APT repository.

Specifically it's now compatible with gNewSense 3 ("Parkes"), Trisquel 4.0 ("Taranis"), Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ("Lucid Lynx"), Debian 6.0 ("Squeeze") as well as all newer versions of those distros and their respective derivatives.

If you need compatibility with some other GNU+Linux distribution, and find that my repository doesn't already work out of the box, please let me know.

Instructions for using the repository can be found at http://jxself.org/linux-libre/.




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