descriptionFirmware for use with Linux-libre
last changeSat, 4 Aug 2018 15:37:02 +0000 (08:37 -0700)
2018-08-04 Jason SelfRevert "as31: Set O0 in" 1.3 master v1.3
2018-07-28 Jason Selfas31: update type of sizebuf variables
2018-07-28 Jason Selfcarl9170 toolchain: Update binutils and GCC
2018-07-21 Jason Selfcarl9170: Add explicit build target
2018-07-21 Jason Selfcarl9170: Change download sites
2018-06-05 Jason SelfCorrect typo in Dreamcast sound documentation
2018-06-05 Jason SelfUpdate Dreamcast sound documentation
2018-05-28 Jason SelfINSTALL: Set to GPLv3+
2018-05-28 Jason SelfINSTALL: Reformat some text
2018-05-28 Jason SelfINSTALL: Add package list; add note about C++
2018-05-28 Jason Selfaica: Add note about minimum kernel version
2018-05-28 Jason Selfath9k_htc: Update to current master
2018-05-22 David Pinstall ath9k firmware on both $(prefix) and $(prefix...
2018-05-20 Jason Selfaica: Change Makefile spaces to tabs
2018-05-20 Jason SelfMakefile: Change spaces to tabs
2018-05-20 Jason Selfaica: Add missing "export" to Makefile
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