descriptionFirmware for use with Linux-libre
ownerJason Self
last changeSat, 14 Apr 2018 18:08:03 +0000 (11:08 -0700)
9 days ago Jason Selfas31: Delete parser.c master v1.2
9 days ago Jason SelfREADME: Use HTTPS for the mailing list
9 days ago Jason SelfWHENCE: Update info for carl9170fw
9 days ago Jason Selfas31: Clarify which BSD license
9 days ago Jason Selfcis: Fix comment line wrapping
10 days ago Jason Selfas31: Set O0 in
12 days ago Jason SelfMakefile: Install openfwwf into $(prefix)/b43-open
12 days ago Jason SelfMakefile: Install ath9k_htc firmware directly in $...
2018-02-17 Jason SelfMakefile: Remove unneeded whitespace characters v1.1
2018-02-17 Jason Selfas31: Change optimization level from 2 to 0
2018-02-17 Jason Selfcarl9170: Update based on commit cd76b7b483731dc5cb467c...
2018-01-12 Jason Selfcarl9170: binutils and GCC should be downloaded from...
2018-01-10 Jason Selfkeyspan_pda: Update Makefile to use the as31 built...
2018-01-10 Jason SelfMakefile: Add as31 as a dependency to the keyspan_pda...
2018-01-10 Jason SelfMakefile: Complete the changes for ath9k_htc
2018-01-10 Jason SelfMakefile: Update the install target for ath9k_htc
9 days ago v1.2 v1.2
2 months ago v1.1 v1.1
5 months ago v1.0 v1.0
9 days ago master