fwcutter/make: Avoid _DEFAULT_SOURCE warning
[b43-tools.git] / fwcutter /
2017-09-13 Michael Bueschfwcutter/make: Avoid _DEFAULT_SOURCE warning master
2017-09-11 Sam Edwardsfwcutter: Add firmware
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-019
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update copyright information
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update man page
2014-06-25 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add debian patches dir
2014-06-25 Daniel Echeverryfwcutter manpage: Fix title
2014-06-25 Ralf Treinenfwcutter manpage: Remove reference to --postfix option
2014-06-25 Daniel Echeverryfwcutter: Import the debian build scripts
2014-02-08 Phil CalvinBuild on Mac OS 10.9 by using libkern/OSByteOrder.h
2013-07-29 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-018
2013-07-29 Michael BueschFix memset size argument error.
2013-07-29 Larry Fingerfwcutter: Add firmware
2013-02-17 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update URLs
2012-12-07 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-017
2012-12-07 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Fix typo in release script
2012-12-07 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Fix type punning
2012-12-07 Hauke Mehrtensb43-fwcutter: pack correct ucode for brcmsmac fw
2012-09-24 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-016
2012-09-24 Hauke Mehrtensb43-fwcutter: Add support for generating a fw for brcmsmac
2012-02-27 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Rewrite release script
2011-08-21 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-015 b43-fwcutter-015-release
2011-08-21 Michael BueschRemove firmware-IDs
2011-08-21 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Add 5 new drivers to cut list
2011-08-21 Michael BueschUpdate my e-mail address
2011-03-23 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Bump version b43-fwcutter-014 b43-fwcutter-014-release
2011-03-23 Larry FingerAdd details for extracting firmware from
2011-02-18 Michael BueschFrom: grarpamp <grarpamp@gmail.com>
2010-09-22 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Update .gitignore
2010-09-20 Michael BueschThrow errors on missing header files
2010-09-19 Michael BueschUpdate .gitignore
2010-07-26 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: add COPYING file
2010-04-19 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Fix compiler warnings
2010-04-19 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Fix release script tagging b43-fwcutter-013 b43-fwcutter-013-release
2010-04-19 Michael BueschUpdate release script
2010-04-19 Michael BueschBump fwcutter version
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add sparse support, Add quiet build, Add...
2009-08-21 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Use ARRAY_SIZE
2009-08-21 Larry Fingerfwcutter: Add two new sources for 478.104 firmware
2009-08-21 Larry Fingerfwcutter: mklist.py - Update to new library and skip...
2009-06-02 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add release script
2009-06-02 Larry FingerChanges in b43-fwcutter (V2)
2008-10-24 Michael Bueschb43-fwcutter: Use another source file
2008-10-24 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add a stupid script to generate fwcutter_list...
2008-02-12 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Extend the help text
2008-02-12 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Print the ID in the --identify output
2008-02-12 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Increment version number
2008-02-12 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Mark all files as "supported" that are needed...
2008-02-08 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Start ID numbering at 10 to avoid clashes...
2008-02-08 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Add unique firmware IDs
2008-01-15 Michael BueschBump fwcutter version
2008-01-13 Michael Bueschfwcutter: Change support status flags.
2008-01-13 Johannes Bergfwcutter: Add firmware file offsets
2008-01-04 Michael BueschRemove the broken endianness check in the md5 code.
2007-11-23 Johannes Bergb43-fwcutter: make sparse happier
2007-11-23 Johannes Bergb43-fwcutter: unsupported file support
2007-11-10 Michael BueschInitial commit.