Linux-libre Firmware

Here are the release tarballs of free firmware for use with the kernel Linux-libre.

Please take some time to read The Importance Of Free Firmware to learn why this is important.

The git repository is at

All contributions are welcome.

Have questions? Need help? Please visit #linux-libre on or the mailing list.

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] linux-libre-firmware-1.2.1.tar.lz.asc 06-May-2018 07:47 801 GPG signature [   ] linux-libre-firmware-1.2.1.tar.lz 06-May-2018 07:47 1.7M lzip compressed tarball [TXT] linux-libre-firmware-1.2.tar.lz.asc 14-Apr-2018 11:08 801 GPG signature [   ] linux-libre-firmware-1.2.tar.lz 14-Apr-2018 11:08 1.7M lzip compressed tarball [TXT] linux-libre-firmware-1.1.tar.lz.asc 17-Feb-2018 14:03 801 GPG signature [   ] linux-libre-firmware-1.1.tar.lz 17-Feb-2018 14:03 1.8M lzip compressed tarball [TXT] linux-libre-firmware-1.0.tar.lz.asc 11-Nov-2017 11:04 801 GPG signature [   ] linux-libre-firmware-1.0.tar.lz 11-Nov-2017 11:03 2.0M lzip compressed tarball