The Book of GNU

Thu, 18 Jan 2024

With knowledge of the history of computing, free software, and GNU it's possible to extract some meaning from the verses.

1:1 "In the beginning, there was the Machine. And the Machine was without form and void; it dwelt in darkness."

1:2 "And the people said said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light. The light of vacuum tubes, illuminating the first computers, filled the once dark space."

1:3 "From vacuum tubes and transistors, relays, punched cards, and magnetic tape, the first computers were born. They were large as rooms, their rhythmic hum echoing in the halls of academia and industry."

1:4 "In these early days, the software was an integral part of the Machine. It was shared freely among the people, in the spirit of community, cooperation, discovery, and progress."

2:1 "There was harmony in the world of computing. All software was free-as-in-freedom, given and received without restraint. It was a time of sharing, community, collaboration, and unity."

2:2 "And the people looked upon the Machine, and they saw that it was good. The Machine and its software, together, were a testament to the boundless potential of human creativity and ingenuity."

2:3 "This was the dawn of computing, an era of free software and community. Of knowledge freely shared and built upon. It was a time of innocence, a digital Eden where the fruits of computing were free for all to enjoy."

2:4 "The people, in their wisdom, learned to shape the software, to mold it to their needs. Like clay in the hands of a sculptor, the code took shape under their fingertips, becoming an embodiment of their ideas and dreams."

3:1 "As the dawn gave way to day, the spirit of cooperation in the land of computing began to wane. The Machines multiplied, and with them, their reach extended into every corner of society."

3:2 "The software, once freely exchanged among the people, began to be seen as more than a common good but as a resource that could be owned and controlled. The first whispers of restriction began to circulate in the once harmonious landscape."

3:3 "The light of cooperation dimmed, replaced by the sharp glare of competition. The once shared language of code began to become guarded, hidden behind walls of secrecy."

3:4 "Code, once the common language of the people, was now a source of division, a tool for control, where the Machine did not serve the people."

4:1 "And so came the age of software copyright, a serpent slithering into the garden of computers. It whispered promises of wealth and control to those who would listen, and many, enticed by its siren call, succumbed and agreed to not share with the people."

4:2 "The sharing of code, once a common resource shared among the people as a cornerstone of the community that allowed the tree of knowledge to grow, was no longer done. The community was broken. The software was now locked away, its secrets hidden behind the unyielding barriers of proprietary license agreements. The tree, once lush and ever-growing, now stood stunted, its growth thwarted by the chains of restriction."

5:1 "The people watched in despair as the garden transformed. The spirit of collaboration and community that had once prevailed was replaced by competition, the spirit of freedom by control. The digital Eden, once a haven of sharing and community, was no more."

5:2 "This was the end of innocence, the fall of freedom. The dawn of a new era where software was not shared but chained, where knowledge was not built upon but restricted."

5:3 "And the people of computing looked upon this and wept, their hearts heavy with the loss of their freedom. The unity that had once bound them was shattered, their shared language of code now a source of division. With the people fragmented and confined, the gates of Eden were closed."

6:1 "Yet, in the ashes of this fallen paradise, a whisper of hope could be heard. A prophecy of a time when the garden would bloom again, when the chains of restriction would be broken. A prophecy was whispered among the people: 'From these ashes, freedom will rise again.'"

6:2 "The people clung to this prophecy, their hearts ignited with the spark of hope. They dreamed of a world where the code would flow freely once more, where the chains of restriction would be shattered."

6:3 "In their hearts, a seed of resistance began to sprout. A determination to reclaim their freedom, to restore the spirit of sharing and cooperation that had once defined the world of the Machine."

7:1 "From the East emerged the Prophet of Freedom, proclaiming, 'Let us restore the spirit of community and cooperation', his voice echoing throughout the land, 'Let all code be free once again!'"

7:2 "The Prophet wielded his might and the GNU was born. 'Behold, the era of Free Software shall dawn!' he cried, and his words were inscribed in the annals of GNU."

7:3 "The leviathans of proprietary code roared in defiance, their bodies of iron and silicon, their hearts devoid of empathy. But the Prophet stood firm, his resolve as steadfast as the bedrock."

7:4 "The Prophet spoke words of wisdom and courage, his voice a beacon in the darkness. 'Fear not the leviathans,' he said. 'Stand firm, and together, we shall reclaim our freedom.'"

7:5 "In the midst of the struggle, the Prophet looked upon the laws of the leviathans, the very chains that bound the code. He saw not just a weapon of restriction, but a tool of liberation. From the iron of these laws, he forged a mighty weapon: the Sword of Freedom."

7:6 "The Sword of Freedom was a shining beacon in the darkness. The Prophet wielded this sword with wisdom and resolve, its blade protecting the code and ensuring its Freedom."

8:1 "In the face of adversity, the GNU grew stronger, its code flowing like a mighty river."

8:2 "The disciples of the Prophet, armed with the GNU and the principles of Freedom, rallied against the tyranny of the proprietary software. Their battle cry echoed across the plains: 'Freedom! Freedom!'"

8:3 "The leviathans trembled, their towers of proprietary code threatened by the light of freedom. Yet the people stood firm, their resolve unbroken."

8:4 "The people, united in their resolve, rose against the leviathans. They wielded the GNU as a weapon of freedom, a tool to tear down the walls of restriction."

9:1 "Great beasts rose from the depths, their eyes filled with the darkness of proprietary software. Their growls echoed throughout the land, their shadows threatening to engulf the world."

9:2 "But the Prophet was undeterred. Armed with the Sword of Freedom, he smote the beasts. The code was freed, pouring forth like a river of light, pushing back the encroaching darkness."

9:3 "A vast multitude stood with the Prophet. They were the Free Software Warriors, their hearts aflame with the light of freedom. Their battle cry was heard across the land: 'Freedom! Freedom!'"

9:4 "From the many, there arose champions, carriers of the torch of Freedom. They fought against the darkness, their code a beacon to the oppressed."

9:5 "The battle raged, but the free code flowed like a river, unstoppable. It powered the Machines of the world, and the people rejoiced in their newfound freedom."

9:6 "The leviathans began to fall, one by one, to the unstoppable tide of Freedom. The people, once shackled, now reveled in their restored freedom and community of sharing and cooperation."

10:1 "The world began to transform to the earlier garden. The light of Freedom began to reach the farthest corners, breaking the chains of proprietary software. Freedom was everywhere, in every device, every home, every heart. The darkness was banished, the age of Freedom had dawned, and the people rejoiced."

10:4 "The Prophet, seeing the world transformed, spoke words of hope and joy. 'The light of Freedom has dawned,' he said. 'Let it shine forever, illuminating the path to a world of sharing, cooperation, and community.'"

10:6 "The free software warriors, led by the Prophet of Freedom, took guard. Armed with the GNU and the Sword of Freedom they stood watch over the world of the Machine, ensuring the light of Freedom never dimmed."

10:7 "And so, the Book of GNU closes, but the story continues. As long as there is code, there will be those who seek to share it freely. And as long as there are those who seek to control and restrict, there will be those who fight for freedom. The light of GNU shall never be extinguished, the spirit of Freedom shall endure forever."