Upcoming GPG Key Transition

Mon, 23 Jun 2014

At the beginning of September I introduced my new GPG key and I've been slowly transitioning everything over to that new key. Now it's time for my Linux-libre APT repository to make the change.

At the beginning of May I packaged my new key into a .deb, signed with the current key, and added it into the repository as a dependency. In this way people updating their kernels automatically pulled in the new key. For those people, the key transition will be mostly invisible.

If you haven't upgraded since then or aren't sure please take a moment to run this command to check if the new keyring package is installed:

dpkg -s freesh-keyring | grep Status

You should see:

Status: install ok installed

If you do not see that output please take a moment to install the freesh-keyring package in preparation for the GPG key transition.