Apple Launches Attack On Latin America

Tue, 13 Dec 2011

SAO PAULO, Brazil-December 13, 2011-Apple today announced the launch of their latest attack on human freedom by making their iTunes Store available to people various countries in Latin America.

Launching with a catalog of over 20 million songs, and over a thousand movies, the iTunes Store in Brazil makes attractive bait in Apple's latest attempt to convince people to give up control over the technology in their lives.

In exchange for access to the iTunes Store people receive software that is proprietary and doesn't allow them to study or modify it, that requires people to agree to be subjugated by Apple and to never share or help their friends, that is Defective By Design, that only allows people to install Apple-approved software on their devices running iOS, reports where they go with the iPhone, and only allows them to watch the movies on a display that Apple approves of.

I hope that, as Apple's attack on human freedom moves forward, residents of these countries will recognize this as the poor deal that it is and refuse it. For their freedom's sake.