Updates for the build machinery.
[super-star-trek.git] / makefile
2005-04-14 Eric S. RaymondUpdates for the build machinery.
2005-02-12 Eric S. RaymondFix several minor bugs reported by Stas Sergeev.
2005-02-07 Eric S. RaymondFirst cut at game-option support.
2005-02-07 Eric S. Raymondconio.[ch] is gone.
2005-02-05 Eric S. RaymondThis completely merges the line-oriented and screen...
2005-02-04 Eric S. RaymondXML validates OK.
2005-02-04 Eric S. RaymondHeader file cleanup.
2005-01-28 Eric S. RaymondSecond round of merging Sergeev changes.
2005-01-20 Eric S. RaymondCleanup as part of Sergeev merge.
2005-01-19 Eric S. RaymondFirst round of Sergeev merges.
2004-11-05 Eric S. RaymondWe have the framework of the curses interface working.
2004-11-05 Eric S. RaymondDon't generate UTF-8 into sst.doc.
2004-11-04 Eric S. Raymondcurses interface is now partly working.
2004-11-04 Eric S. RaymondMove I/O to a separate module -- first step towards...
2004-11-04 Eric S. RaymondFirst step towards getting rid of the non-ANSI stuff.
2004-11-04 Eric S. RaymondMake the internal pager actually work. In the process...
2004-11-03 Eric S. RaymondAdd the README and spec files
2004-11-03 Eric S. RaymondInstall/uninstall are in place.
2004-11-02 Eric S. RaymondWe can now override the docfile location.
2004-11-01 Eric S. RaymondAdd a manual page.
2004-11-01 Eric S. RaymondBetter project documentation.
2004-11-01 Eric S. RaymondHelp system revamped.
2004-10-31 Eric S. RaymondFix some C that gcc tags as unclean or unsafe. Rename...
2004-10-31 Eric S. RaymondInitial commit of Tom Almy's version plus sst.doc.