Add plural name to allow references to tables
[the-mall.git] / the-mall.inf
2019-08-02 Jason SelfAdd plural name to allow references to tables
2019-07-18 Jason SelfUpdate the opening to a include a link to the git repos...
2019-07-18 Jason SelfAdd extra names for the bears, fix mall exit, fix some...
2019-07-14 Jason SelfFix line breaks in the headline
2019-07-14 Jason SelfRestyle the source code
2019-03-23 Jason SelfRemove door property from mall exit
2019-03-23 Jason SelfAdd richer room descriptions
2019-03-22 Jason SelfDisable the in-game scoring system
2019-03-22 Jason SelfImplement more of the mall.
2019-03-22 Jason SelfSet up repository