descriptionA class of minimal bootstrap binaries that has a reproducible build on all platforms.
last changeSat, 25 Jan 2020 21:44:43 +0000 (16:44 -0500)
31 hours ago Jeremiah OriansAdding support for another POSIX-MODE Primitive master
32 hours ago Jeremiah OriansAdded missing High level prototypes for stage2
33 hours ago Jeremiah OriansAdded last missing high level prototype from stage1
33 hours ago Jeremiah OriansAdded High level prototype for stage0_monitor
33 hours ago Jeremiah OriansAdded High level prototype for stage1_assembler-0
6 days ago Jeremiah OriansUpdate subproject to track progress
8 days ago Jeremiah OriansPreparing for next release cycle
8 days ago Jeremiah OriansRelease_0.3.0 Release_0.3.0
8 days ago Jeremiah OriansAdding support for access, chdir and fchdir into POSIX...
2019-12-05 Jeremiah OriansA minor shoutout to a great project
2019-11-02 Jeremiah OriansMerge branch 'master' of
2019-11-02 Jeremiah OriansMerged branches
2019-11-02 Jeremiah OriansMoved Linux bootstrap to mescc-tools-seed
2019-11-02 Jeremiah OriansReplaced Linux Bootstrap with mescc-tools-seed to reduc...
2019-10-23 JeremiahMerge pull request #25 from stikonas/master
2019-10-23 Andrius ŠtikonasFix a typo:
8 days ago Release_0.3.0 Release_0.3.0
17 months ago Release_0.2.0 Release_0.2.0
22 months ago Release_0.1.0 Release_0.1.0
2 years ago Release_0.0.9 Release 0.0.9
2 years ago Release_0.0.8 Release_0.0.8
2 years ago Release_0.0.7 Release 0.0.7
2 years ago Release_0.0.6 Release 0.0.6
2 years ago Release_0.0.5 Release_0.0.5
2 years ago Release_0.0.4 Release 0.0.4
2 years ago Release_0.0.3 Release 0.0.3
2 years ago Release_0.0.1 Release 0.0.1
3 years ago Release_0.0.2
3 years ago 0.0.2
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