12 days ago Jeremiah OriansMerge branch 'master' of master
12 days ago Jeremiah OriansMerged branches
12 days ago Jeremiah OriansMoved Linux bootstrap to mescc-tools-seed
12 days ago Jeremiah OriansReplaced Linux Bootstrap with mescc-tools-seed to reduc...
2019-10-23 JeremiahMerge pull request #25 from stikonas/master
2019-10-23 Andrius ŠtikonasFix a typo:
2019-10-14 JeremiahMerge pull request #24 from stikonas/SET
2019-10-13 Andrius ŠtikonasMove the SET section down.
2019-10-13 Andrius ŠtikonasSET is compiled from hex2 sources, not hex0.
2019-10-13 JeremiahMerge pull request #23 from stikonas/typos
2019-10-12 Andrius ŠtikonasFix more typos in documentation.
2019-10-12 JeremiahMerge pull request #22 from dgpv/stage0_minimization
2019-10-12 Dmitry Petukhovreduce stage0_monitor size by 6 bytes (toggle default...
2019-10-11 JeremiahMerge pull request #21 from dgpv/stage0_minimization
2019-10-11 Dmitry Petukhovadd asm as a dependency to test_stage0_monitor_asm_match
2019-10-11 Dmitry Petukhovupdate hashes for stage0_monitor
2019-10-11 Dmitry Petukhovleave stack at zero; to not do FALSE R15 because it...
2019-10-11 JeremiahMerge pull request #20 from dgpv/make_asm_print_labels_...
2019-10-11 JeremiahMerge pull request #19 from stikonas/master
2019-10-11 Dmitry Petukhovreduce stage0_monitor size by 6 bytes (put often used...
2019-10-11 Dmitry Petukhovshave another 4 bytes from stage0 monitor bu using...
2019-10-11 Dmitry Petukhovmake asm print labels as `:label ; offset = xx`
2019-10-10 Andrius ŠtikonasFix some typos in bootstrapping
2019-10-09 Dmitry Petukhovtest that asm comments in stage0_monitor.hex0 match...
2019-10-09 Dmitry Petukhovmake stage0 monitor 4 bytes smaller by using FALSE...
2019-07-27 Jeremiah OriansAdd note about inspirations for project to give credit
2019-06-25 JeremiahMerge pull request #17 from 0xflotus/master
2019-06-25 0xflotusMerge pull request #1 from 0xflotus/patch-1
2019-06-25 0xflotusfixed small errors
2019-06-24 JeremiahMerge pull request #16 from fgeorgatos/patch-2
2019-06-24 JeremiahMerge pull request #15 from fgeorgatos/patch-1
2019-06-24 Fotis Georgatostypo: recieved -> received
2019-06-24 Fotis Georgatostypo: recieved -> received
2019-06-23 Jeremiah OriansAdded cc_x86 in M1 for x86
2019-06-21 Jeremiah OriansMajor import from mescc-tools bootstrapping work
2019-06-21 JeremiahMerge pull request #14 from markjenkins/fix_prototype_a...
2019-06-19 Mark Jenkinsprototype for stage1_assembler-1 does relative addressi...
2019-04-30 Jeremiah OriansMinor update in bootstrapping Steps note
2019-04-06 Jeremiah OriansMinor cosmetic changes in M0's source
2019-03-17 z80jitdoc: less typos in root README
2019-03-17 z80jitdoc: sentences ends with period in root README
2019-03-09 Jeremiah OriansAdding support for uname
2019-03-02 Jeremiah OriansMaking disassembler more M2-Planet friendly
2019-03-02 Jeremiah OriansStarted to provide an example posix HALCODE interface...
2019-03-01 Jeremiah OriansEnable POSIX-MODE in knight-vm for testing purposes
2019-02-27 Jeremiah OriansSolved the problem of testing knight-posix binaries
2019-02-23 Jeremiah OriansFix error in instruction description
2019-01-22 Jeremiah OriansFixed bug found by stoopkid, thank you
2018-11-08 Bernhard M... [PATCH] Allow to compile with clang
2018-11-08 Jeremiah OriansMinor update for get_machine.c
2018-10-17 Jeremiah OriansUpgraded M2-Planet and Changelog to reflect improvements
2018-10-17 Jeremiah OriansMerge branch 'janneke' of
2018-10-17 Jeremiah OriansRevised cc_x86.s to leverage new M2-Planet support...
2018-09-20 Jeremiah OriansThank you akkartik
2018-09-20 Jeremiah OriansThank you akkartik for spotting the typo
2018-08-31 Jeremiah OriansUpdate to current M2-Planet and add janneke's clone
2018-08-31 Jeremiah OriansExpand documentation and make cc_x86.s compatable with...
2018-08-30 Jeremiah OriansExpanded Documentation in README
2018-08-29 Bernhard M... [PATCH] Drop outdated comment on R14
2018-08-27 Jeremiah OriansFix license header typo
2018-08-27 JeremiahMerge pull request #10 from no-identd/patch-1
2018-08-26 Jeremiah OriansCorrect unupdated checksum
2018-08-26 Jeremiah OriansMinor fix
2018-08-26 Jeremiah OriansRelease_0.2.0 Release_0.2.0
2018-08-26 Jeremiah OriansGet char** foo[num] inside of a struct working
2018-08-26 Jeremiah OriansThe really hard to trace bug in break
2018-08-26 Jeremiah OriansInitial support for ->
2018-08-25 Jeremiah OriansWow, How did that get missed
2018-08-25 Jeremiah OriansNow weird strings are collected properly
2018-08-25 Jeremiah OriansFound a mistake in in_set
2018-08-25 Jeremiah OriansInitial array support
2018-08-24 Jeremiah OriansGet function_call working
2018-08-23 Jeremiah OriansFilling in missing functions
2018-08-22 Jeremiah OriansAdd initial support for if, for, do and while
2018-08-19 Jeremiah OriansInitial bitwise operation implementation
2018-08-19 Jeremiah OriansAdding intial support for additive and relative expressions
2018-08-19 Jeremiah OriansFixed a hidden bug in match
2018-08-19 Jeremiah OriansStarted to filling in primary_expr
2018-08-17 Jeremiah OriansStubbed out outstanding functions
2018-08-16 Jeremiah OriansFinish up statement
2018-08-14 Jeremiah OriansAdd support for inline assembly
2018-08-14 Jeremiah OriansAdded support for local variables to cc.s
2018-08-14 Jeremiah OriansAdded a debug function needed to troubleshoot label...
2018-08-12 Jeremiah OriansFinish adding support for Weird strings
2018-08-12 Jeremiah OriansMade weird string detection more reliable
2018-08-12 Jeremiah OriansAdded support for regular and escaped strings but not...
2018-08-11 Jeremiah OriansBroke special case from general case to avoid hard...
2018-08-11 Jeremiah OriansFix bug the was causing struct definitions to be misnamed
2018-08-11 Jeremiah OriansIt is now able to compile int foo1; correctly
2018-08-11 Jeremiah OriansFixed bug in read_token
2018-08-11 Jeremiah OriansAdding line_error, require_match and numerate_number
2018-08-11 Jeremiah OriansAdded First draft of cc_types.c functionality
2018-08-09 Jeremiah OriansStarting to hand convert M2-Planet into Macro-assembly
2018-07-24 no_identdFixed obvious typo in licensing terms @ line 4
2018-04-19 Jeremiah OriansFixed ranges and EOF behavior
2018-03-21 Jeremiah OriansUpdated boostrapping steps to match current pieces
2018-03-21 Jeremiah OriansPreparing for next release cycle
2018-03-21 Jeremiah OriansRelease 0.1.0 Release_0.1.0
2017-12-30 Jeremiah OriansAdd more strict enforcement of behavior when invalid...
2017-12-26 Jeremiah OriansTuned M0 for much better performance (down to 9/32...