Replace remaining fprintf/stderr calls to WARN.
[skeinsum.git] / skein_cli.c
2015-09-28 Jason SelfReplace remaining fprintf/stderr calls to WARN.
2015-09-28 Jason SelfRemove unused vars.
2015-09-19 Jason SelfAdd WARN macro.
2015-09-19 Jason SelfAllow short opts for help and version.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfisProper - small changes.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfHashMatch: do return values more strict.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfBugfix signed/unsigned typecast.
2015-09-15 Jason SelfYet another magic number replaced to calculated value.
2015-09-15 Jason Selfis_goodfile: no special verbose mode, always verbose...
2015-09-15 Jason Selfskein_cli main routine simplified.
2015-09-14 Jason SelfTRYHELP_GOODBYE macro added.
2015-09-14 Jason SelfBetter vertical alignment
2015-09-14 Jason SelfMerge matching code to new HashStdin routine.
2015-09-08 Jason SelfUpdating skeinsum with a new scheme for reading large...