centralize calls to make_zzword()
[open-adventure.git] / main.c
2017-07-02 Aaron Traascentralize calls to make_zzword()
2017-07-02 Aaron TraasFixed -r option. Added test to make sure it doesn't...
2017-07-02 Aaron Traasmake_zzword() moved to initialize. Pruned unused stuff...
2017-07-02 Eric S. RaymondRewrite dwarf-encounter ceck so coverage testing sees...
2017-07-02 Eric S. RaymondMore magic-number elimination.
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondSupply missing implementation of nodwarf bit in travel...
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondAnother step in de-obscurifying the travel code.
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanRefactor specials[] to have strings instead of enum... 184/head
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondMinor refactor - create an equality function to simplif...
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondForther break apart the magic enconding of travel arrays.
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondRemove debris from a misclick.
2017-07-01 NHOrusDo not compare state to magic numbers
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanJettison the -s option. 180/head
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanReplace linenoise with libedit in code and build.
2017-07-01 NHOrusReindend, compile out all save stuff 179/head
2017-07-01 NHOrusPut stuff back in init, C-style
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanApply DEMOTE_WORD(). 178/head
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanInterim magic number replacement.
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondMove PRNG initialization to simplify cheat.c
2017-07-01 NHOrusSpread documentation from init.c It was empty without...
2017-07-01 NHOrusCut initialize in favor of implicit/default initializat...
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-01 NHOrusStop leaking memory
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanVarious cleanups. 173/head
2017-06-30 NHOrusPlugged little linenoise memory leaks. 170/head
2017-06-30 Jason S. NinnemanRemove some disused stuff.
2017-06-30 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-30 NHOrusRemoved line as redundant
2017-06-30 Eric S. RaymondRemove gaps from arbitrary_messages, there are no more...
2017-06-30 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondStart another round of magic_number removal, this time...
2017-06-29 NHOrusBreaking one-line conditionals 160/head
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondRe-indented.
2017-06-29 Aaron TraasUpdated documentation
2017-06-29 NHOrusk2 is dead 157/head
2017-06-29 NHOrusUntangling variable reuse
2017-06-29 NHOrusUnshadowed k2 into k3 in main.c 155/head
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondComment polishing.
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanFinish newdb -> dungeon renaming. 153/head
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanJettison MAKEWD(), GETTXT(), vocab(), GETIN(), and...
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondSimplify conditional evaluation when processing travel...
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanCompletely wire vocab words in YAML to the code. 151/head
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondEliminate some promiscuous variable reuse.
2017-06-29 Eric S. RaymondImprove documentation if the *most* obscure span of...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-28 Aaron TraasTest coverage: make LCOV ignore bug() and all calls...
2017-06-28 Aaron TraasTest coverage: make LCOV ignore sig_handler and OOM...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondComment polishing.
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondDe-macroize references to travel opcode fields we won...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondMore macro abstraction of the travel opcodes.
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondAfter splitting out the stop field, nothing ever negate...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondBreak travel opcodes into a two-element structure.
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondAll travel[] references are now wrapped in extractor...
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondBegin abstracting out the magic properties of travel...
2017-06-27 Eric S. RaymondMinor refactoring step.
2017-06-27 Eric S. RaymondTravel tables are all done from YAML now.
2017-06-27 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish VOCWRD().
2017-06-27 Jason S. NinnemanReexpress the motion words in adventure.yaml.
2017-06-26 Jason S. NinnemanUse enums for object number mnemonics instead of VOCWRD...
2017-06-26 Jason S. Ninnemanobject_descriptions[] is now objects[]. 136/head
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondSquash a compiler warning.
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondChange the name of the KEY array to avoid an upcoming...
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondTake FORTRANish upper-case function names to C-style...
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondUnsnarl the motion code some more.
2017-06-25 Eric S. RaymondBegin toounsnarl the way the TRAVEL array is used.
2017-06-25 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-25 Eric S. RaymondFully subsume section 7 into YAML.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondReplace magic MINTRS/MAXTRS with a treasure attribute...
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondRationalize names of structure array sizes.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondCorrect buggy behavior of sign in endgame. Add a test...
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondElimination of OBJSND.
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondEliminate setting of OBJTXT sell for oyster - OBJTXT...
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondName the lamp, grate, and bird states.
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondProof of cobcept for state defines.
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondSwitch fully over to YAML generation of condition bits...
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondImprove namespace hygiene.
2017-06-21 Jason S. NinnemanSwitch to 0-indexing for hint handling code. 127/head
2017-06-21 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish HNTMAX and HNTSIZ in favor of HINT_COUNT.
2017-06-21 Peje NilssonReplace SETPRM/[PR]SPEAK with variadic [pr]speak
2017-06-21 Eric S. RaymondYAMLify section 11 (hints).
2017-06-21 Eric S. RaymondWD* globals abolished. They're now members of the comma...
2017-06-20 Jason S. NinnemanFix another ob1 error.
2017-06-20 Jason S. NinnemanClean out some disused variables.
2017-06-20 Jason S. NinnemanFix off-by-one error.
2017-06-20 Jason S. NinnemanRefactor how turn threshold penalties are accounted...
2017-06-20 Eric S. RaymondIntroduce command encapsulation structure.
2017-06-20 Eric S. RaymondComment polishing.
2017-06-20 Eric S. RaymondPolish help text.
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number 116/head
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonCleanup Arithmetic on message number
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMostly confine assumptions about what token_t is to...
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondConcentrate all magic-number values for packed-string...
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMore semantic typing - a step towards eliminating packing.
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondBoolify some logical variables.
2017-06-19 NHOrusEven less magic 111/head
2017-06-19 NHOrus-r doesn't show with NOSAVE build 109/head
2017-06-19 NHOrusNo need to tease with excluded options 108/head
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.