Abolish as many undifferentiated long variables as possible.
[open-adventure.git] / advent.h
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondAbolish as many undifferentiated long variables as...
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondFull comments for all game structure members.
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondComment and structure cleanup.
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondMore comment cleanup.
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondComment cleanup.
2017-07-20 Aaron TraasInformation hiding - moved all of command input parsing... 256/head
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondRemove unused enum.
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondSome vocabulary lookup code can be hidden from main.c.
2017-07-20 Eric S. RaymondLast remnants of packing removed.
2017-07-16 Eric S. RaymondInformation hiding.
2017-07-16 Eric S. RaymondTwo coverage imprivenents, one by recognizing dead...
2017-07-14 Eric S. RaymondCode cleanup.
2017-07-14 NHOrusDo not base endgame bonus on arbitrary messages
2017-07-14 NHOrusRemoved unused code, reindented
2017-07-12 Jason S. NinnemanExpress word type with an enum instead of magic numbers. 238/head
2017-07-12 Eric S. RaymondPrevent game from uttering solecisms about the "floor...
2017-07-10 Aaron Traas\10Cleaned up do_command() a little
2017-07-09 NHOrusTwo more lines of coverage; more cleanup for macros
2017-07-08 NHOrus№ and minor syntax correction 226/head
2017-07-07 Eric S. RaymondEliminate magic numbers from C side of condition handling.
2017-07-06 NHOrusSemantic type for verb
2017-07-06 NHOrusobj_t in actions. And some more magical word removal
2017-07-05 Eric S. RaymondFurther infiltrare semantic types.
2017-07-05 NHOrusMoved state_change to misc.c to start using it in main... 215/head
2017-07-05 NHOrusMagic number elimination 210/head
2017-07-04 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-04 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-04 Eric S. RaymondAbstract out some state arithmetic.
2017-07-04 NHOrusRemoved magic from checks for liquids
2017-07-04 Jason S. NinnemanBegin replacing tests on strings with tests on vocab... 204/head
2017-07-04 Jason S. NinnemanUpgrade get_vocab_id() to handle empty strings.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondInformation hiding.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondSimplify tokenization code.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondEntirely eliminate wd1x and wd2x members of the command...
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondUse the raw buffer in tr command structure for editing.
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondRefactor tokenization to save raw tokens and use static...
2017-07-03 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-02 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-02 Jason S. NinnemanEliminate the global game.blklin. 194/head
2017-07-02 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-07-02 Aaron TraasMoved application settings to settings_t struct
2017-07-02 Jason S. NinnemanReplace datime() with just time(). 190/head
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanNever write the input prompt to log files. 183/head
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanJettison the -s option. 180/head
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanAdd a DEMOTE_WORD() macro. 177/head
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanInterim magic number replacement.
2017-07-01 Eric S. RaymondMove PRNG initialization to simplify cheat.c
2017-07-01 NHOrusSpread documentation from init.c It was empty without...
2017-07-01 NHOrusStop leaking memory
2017-07-01 Jason S. NinnemanVarious cleanups. 173/head
2017-06-30 Jason S. NinnemanThe bugtype enum doesn't need explicit numbers. 171/head
2017-06-30 Jason S. NinnemanRemove disused function definitions. 169/head
2017-06-30 Jason S. NinnemanRemove more disused macros.
2017-06-30 Jason S. NinnemanRemove some disused stuff.
2017-06-29 Aaron TraasDocumentation and comment cleanup.
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanFinish newdb -> dungeon renaming. 153/head
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanRemove MAPLIN(). Fold common.[ch] into other files...
2017-06-29 Jason S. NinnemanCompletely wire vocab words in YAML to the code. 151/head
2017-06-28 Eric S. RaymondImplement and document state-changes messages in YAML.
2017-06-27 Aaron TraasAllow cheat to generate save files with bogus numbers.
2017-06-27 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish VOCWRD().
2017-06-27 Jason S. NinnemanReexpress the motion words in adventure.yaml.
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondCreate a cheater to test strange save/resume cases.
2017-06-26 Jason S. NinnemanJettison some disused macros. 138/head
2017-06-26 Jason S. NinnemanUse enums for object number mnemonics instead of VOCWRD...
2017-06-26 Eric S. RaymondTake FORTRANish upper-case function names to C-style...
2017-06-25 Eric S. RaymondFix a report of conpile-time error.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondImprove comments, eliminate magic numbers.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondReplace magic MINTRS/MAXTRS with a treasure attribute...
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondLOCSIZ -> NLOCATIONS, finishing limit-name cleanup.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondRationalize names of structure array sizes.
2017-06-24 Eric S. RaymondElimination of OBJSND.
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondAbolish unclean operation on OBJSOUND - it's now static.
2017-06-23 Eric S. RaymondName the lamp, grate, and bird states.
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondReplace macros with condition bits.
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondGive the FORCED property a real cond bit. Delete some...
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondSwitch fully over to YAML generation of condition bits...
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondGenerate initializer from YAML for Section 9 bits.
2017-06-22 Eric S. RaymondImprove namespace hygiene.
2017-06-21 Aaron Traasxstrdup() not called anywhere in source. Removed.
2017-06-21 Jason S. NinnemanAbolish HNTMAX and HNTSIZ in favor of HINT_COUNT.
2017-06-21 Peje NilssonReplace SETPRM/[PR]SPEAK with variadic [pr]speak
2017-06-21 Eric S. RaymondWD* globals abolished. They're now members of the comma...
2017-06-20 Eric S. RaymondIntroduce command encapsulation structure.
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number 116/head
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanFix typo and compiler warning. 115/head
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanAdd token_to_packed() utility function.
2017-06-19 Peje NilssonMerge branch 'master' into magic-number
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMostly confine assumptions about what token_t is to...
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondConcentrate all magic-number values for packed-string...
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMore semantic typing - a step towards eliminating packing.
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondBoolify some logical variables.
2017-06-19 NHOrusEven less magic 111/head
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination.
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondMagic-number elimination. Fix possible glitch in troll...
2017-06-19 Jason S. NinnemanChange YES() to take const char* arguments.
2017-06-19 Eric S. RaymondNo longer restricted to 6-character FORTRAN identifiers.
2017-06-18 Bob Littlemagic numbers, show usage, fixed linty warnings 103/head
2017-06-18 Jason S. NinnemanGut and rebuild YES() with cleaner approach that doesn... 101/head
2017-06-18 Eric S. RaymondRemove unused code.