2018-06-20 coderainBegin implementing unit tests. unit_tests
2018-06-19 coderainSwitch to the new locking API.
2018-06-19 coderainMake waiting for objects generic. Implement access...
2018-06-18 coderainImprove exception handling.
2018-06-18 coderainIntroduce a uid_t type for user IDs.
2018-06-18 coderainImprove context switching and scheduler APIs.
2018-06-17 coderainReimplement basic locking. Fix bugs.
2018-05-03 coderainAdd an automatic build environment setup script for...
2018-03-10 coderainImplement serial logging. Finish modularizing power...
2018-03-08 coderainImplement printf in the CRT
2018-02-25 coderainImplement module loading. Move drivers into modules...
2018-02-10 coderainUpgrade to multiboot version 2
2018-02-07 coderainReimplement AVL trees
2017-12-24 coderainAutomatically generate syscalls.h and syscalls.c as...
2017-12-24 coderainAutomatically generate the system call wrappers
2017-12-24 coderainImprove pipes. Implement pipelines. Use pipes when...
2017-11-15 coderain[kernel] Add command line support, fix bugs
2017-11-15 coderain[kernel] Bug fixes and refactoring
2017-11-15 coderainImplement basic ELF executable loading
2017-11-15 coderain[kernel] Fix block copying in the cache
2017-11-15 coderain[crt] Set the default heap. Update next_offset after...
2017-11-15 coderain[kernel] Fix bugs related to opening/listing devices
2017-11-15 coderainDon't blindly strdup() optional arguments
2017-11-15 coderainMove video I/O control definitions to the SDK
2017-11-15 coderain[crt] Improve file descriptors
2017-10-30 coderain[crt] Properly implement I/O buffers
2017-10-29 coderainImplement setjmp/longjmp
2017-10-28 coderainInitialize the heap and file descriptors during CRT...
2017-10-28 coderainImplement POSIX file descriptors and I/O
2017-10-28 coderainImplement working directories in the CRT (and a bit...
2017-10-23 coderainStart implementing CRT I/O
2017-10-23 coderain[sdk] Remove old unused error codes [crt] Implement...
2017-10-22 coderainImplement the CRT heap and use that in the kernel
2017-10-21 coderainMove synchronization-related system calls to the SDK
2017-10-15 coderainRemove unnecessary system calls
2017-10-14 coderainSeparate monolithium exceptions from x86 exceptions...
2017-10-14 coderain[crt] Fix atexit
2017-10-13 coderain[crt] Implement the entry point, exit(), and atexit()
2017-10-13 coderainFix the definitions of strtok and strtok_r
2017-10-11 coderainMore optimizing
2017-10-09 coderainOptimize some string functions
2017-10-09 coderainAdd a missing file header
2017-10-09 coderainMove C runtime stuff into a separate library
2017-10-07 coderainMove system calls to the SDK and normalize their names
2017-10-07 coderainEven more reorganizing
2017-10-05 coderainMore reorganizing
2017-10-05 coderainMove critical section stuff to sync.c
2017-10-05 coderainReorganize the headers
2017-10-01 coderain[fat driver] Make sure the device exists
2017-08-13 coderainBegin the memory manager cleanup
2017-07-24 coderainFail open_file_internal if the file is marked as delete...
2017-07-23 coderainMake event watcher lists volume-specific.
2017-07-21 coderainSpecify the logical type of the reference in a comment...
2017-07-21 coderainMake wait_directory_event a system call
2017-07-21 coderainImplement a subroutine for reporting filesystem events
2017-07-21 coderainImplement wait_directory_event, and the appropriate...
2017-06-28 coderainImplement the basics of a security system for objects.
2017-05-18 coderainUpdate the hello.asm sample program.
2017-05-18 coderainStart implementing the system manager.
2017-04-04 coderainFix the call to terminate()
2017-04-04 coderainMove the stack initialization code to process.c
2017-04-04 coderainInclude freestanding headers in common.h
2017-04-02 coderainReplace the generated individual system calls with...
2017-02-27 coderainDon't leak memory in the filesystem drivers.
2017-02-27 coderainMake it so that volumes can be mounted anywhere.
2017-02-27 coderainImplement strstr.
2017-02-26 coderainImplement a ramdisk filesystem driver.
2017-02-26 coderainAvoid zero-sized reads/writes in the FAT filesystem...
2017-02-26 coderainFix some regressions in the floppy image creation script.
2017-02-25 coderainAdd information about build prerequisites.
2017-02-19 coderainUse markdown for the README file.
2017-02-17 coderainClean up the disk image creation script.
2017-02-17 coderainAdd test/example programs for monolithium.
2017-02-16 coderainUsers are managed by the object manager now. Fix enum_o...
2017-02-16 coderainFix enum_objects_by_type and its usage.
2017-02-16 coderainRemove trailing whitespaces.
2017-02-15 coderainMake objects enumerable by type. Fix another thread...
2017-02-15 coderainInitialize threads as non-terminated.
2017-02-15 coderainUpdate the console cursor position code to reflect...
2017-02-15 coderainMake the device interface universal.
2017-02-15 coderainCreate a filesystem-based device interface to replace...
2017-02-11 coderainFix bugs. Implement a.out symbols and relocations.
2017-01-17 coderainFix avl_tree_height.
2017-01-05 coderainInitial commit.