Begin implementing unit tests.
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2018-06-19 coderainSwitch to the new locking API.
2018-06-19 coderainMake waiting for objects generic. Implement access...
2018-06-18 coderainImprove exception handling.
2018-06-18 coderainIntroduce a uid_t type for user IDs.
2018-06-18 coderainImprove context switching and scheduler APIs.
2018-03-10 coderainImplement serial logging. Finish modularizing power...
2018-02-07 coderainReimplement AVL trees
2017-12-24 coderainAutomatically generate syscalls.h and syscalls.c as...
2017-12-24 coderainAutomatically generate the system call wrappers
2017-12-24 coderainImprove pipes. Implement pipelines. Use pipes when...
2017-11-15 coderainMove video I/O control definitions to the SDK
2017-10-28 coderainImplement working directories in the CRT (and a bit...
2017-10-23 coderainStart implementing CRT I/O
2017-10-23 coderain[sdk] Remove old unused error codes [crt] Implement...
2017-10-21 coderainMove synchronization-related system calls to the SDK
2017-10-15 coderainRemove unnecessary system calls
2017-10-14 coderainSeparate monolithium exceptions from x86 exceptions...
2017-10-13 coderain[crt] Implement the entry point, exit(), and atexit()
2017-10-07 coderainMove system calls to the SDK and normalize their names
2017-10-07 coderainEven more reorganizing
2017-10-05 coderainMore reorganizing
2017-10-05 coderainReorganize the headers