Make sure the IOCTL buffers are optional.
[monolithium.git] / kernel / src / device.c
2018-09-08 coderainMake sure the IOCTL buffers are optional.
2018-06-19 coderainSwitch to the new locking API.
2018-03-10 coderainImplement serial logging. Finish modularizing power...
2017-11-15 coderain[kernel] Fix bugs related to opening/listing devices
2017-10-07 coderainMove system calls to the SDK and normalize their names
2017-02-27 coderainMake it so that volumes can be mounted anywhere.
2017-02-16 coderainFix enum_objects_by_type and its usage.
2017-02-16 coderainRemove trailing whitespaces.
2017-02-15 coderainMake the device interface universal.
2017-02-15 coderainCreate a filesystem-based device interface to replace...