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last changeSun, 2 May 2021 14:56:29 +0000 (16:56 +0200)
4 days ago W. J. van der... lib/tests: Pass int to va_arg instead of char. master wip
4 days ago W. J. van der... mes: Prevent out-of-bounds access for stack frame 0.
4 days ago W. J. van der... mescc: Pass --64 to bloodelf for 64 bit machines.
4 days ago Jan (janneke... configure: Do not use GUILD_OPTIMIZE=-O1 for Guile-2.
4 days ago Jan (janneke... mescc: Mes C Library: crt: Support more than 255 comman...
4 days ago Jan (janneke... mescc: Mes C Library: malloc.c: Move unix-variant to...
5 days ago Jan (janneke... mescc: Support --bootstrap build on ARM. wip-arm
2021-04-21 W. J. van der... mes: Make logand work correctly.
2021-03-14 Jan (janneke... doc: Post-release update.
2021-03-14 Jan (janneke... guix: mes: Update to 0.23.
2021-03-14 Jan (janneke... build: Release 0.23. v0.23
2021-03-14 Jan (janneke... doc: Fix broken link in 'README'.
2021-03-14 Jan (janneke... doc: Release update.
2021-03-14 Danny Milosavljeviclibtcc1: Fix integer division, modulo and shifting...
2021-01-23 Danny Milosavljevicmescc: Mes C Library: Make malloc align the blocks...
2021-01-23 Jan (janneke... tests: Update to bin/mes for standalone run.
7 weeks ago v0.23 GNU Mes 0.23.
15 months ago v0.22 GNU Mes 0.22.
17 months ago v0.21 GNU Mes 0.21.
19 months ago v0.20 GNU Mes 0.20.
2 years ago v0.19 GNU Mes 0.19.
2 years ago v0.18 GNU Mes 0.18.
2 years ago v0.17.1 GNU Mes 0.17.1.
2 years ago v0.17 GNU Mes 0.17.
2 years ago v0.16.1
2 years ago v0.16 test-0.16
2 years ago v0.15 test-0.15
2 years ago v0.14
3 years ago v0.13
3 years ago v0.12
3 years ago v0.11
3 years ago v0.10
4 days ago wip-riscv
4 days ago master
4 days ago wip
5 days ago wip-arm
2 months ago wip-talks
4 months ago wip-m2
4 months ago wip-module
6 months ago wip-guile3
13 months ago wip-fosdem
16 months ago wip-nyacc
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16 months ago wip-freebsd
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