2017-03-18 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Refactor function-offset.
2017-03-18 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Cache data-offset too.
2017-03-18 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support assignment with comparison.
2017-03-18 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support assignment test.
2017-03-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Fix simple value tests.
2017-03-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Struct by value.
2017-03-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support generic initializer.
2017-03-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Remove last hardcodings for identifiers.
2017-03-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support function call with enum value.
2017-03-13 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Fix d-sel comparisons.
2017-03-13 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Fix for character array s[0].
2017-03-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support mini-mes running scheme program with...
2017-03-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support [for] itoa.
2017-03-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support do .. while.
2017-03-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore+mini-mes: Replace manual snippets by snarfed includes.
2017-03-05 Matt Wettenyacc: removed start from lalr-spec -- not needed
2017-03-04 Matt Wettenyacc: working javascript interpreter in guile
2017-03-03 Matt Wettenyacc: lex fixes for char-lit
2017-03-02 Matt Wettenyacc: cleaned up documentation
2017-03-01 Matt Wettenyacc: working on C99 UG as a memo
2017-02-28 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.76.5
2017-02-28 Matt Wettenyacc: fixed bug in pretty-print-c99 wrt i-sel
2017-02-25 Matt Wettenyacc: merge from 0.76.4
2017-02-24 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.76.4
2017-02-23 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.76.3
2017-02-23 Matt Wettenyacc: more bugs in cpp tokl->string
2017-02-23 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.76.2
2017-02-23 Matt Wettenyacc: fixed more CPP issues
2017-02-22 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.76.1
2017-02-22 Matt Wettenyacc: fixed C99 CPP to deal with numbers correctly
2017-02-20 Matt Wettenyacc: merge master 0.76.0
2017-02-19 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.76.0
2017-02-19 Matt Wettenyacc: worked c99/util2.scm udecl->mspec
2017-02-19 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.75.6
2017-02-19 Matt Wettenyacc: fixed some c99/util2 items
2017-02-17 Matt Wettenyacc: merged in 0.75.5 from master and inc version
2017-02-17 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.75.5
2017-02-17 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.74.4
2017-02-17 Matt Wettenyacc: minor cpp fixes
2017-02-16 Matt Wettenyacc: merge from 0.75.3
2017-02-16 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.75.3
2017-02-16 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.75.2
2017-02-16 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.75.1
2017-02-16 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.74.0
2017-02-16 Matt Wettenyacc: I think cpp is working now
2017-02-15 Matt Wettenyacc: working cpp now, I hope
2017-02-12 Matt Wettenyacc: CPP not yet working for file mode
2017-02-11 Matt Wettenyacc: working on cpp issues
2017-02-05 Matt Wettenyacc: C99 CPP for code is better
2017-01-20 Matt Wettenyacc: starting to work on reframing
2017-01-19 Matt Wettenyacc: more CPP fixes
2017-01-17 Matt Wettenyacc: redesign lang/c99/cppbocy.scm:scan-cpp-input
2017-03-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support goto in while body.
2017-03-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore+mini-mes: Move function name to struct function.
2017-03-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support strings in struct initialization.
2017-03-07 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Display sexps better.
2017-03-06 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Compile all of mini-mes.
2017-03-02 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support struct assignment.
2017-03-02 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Fix add, sub, lshift.
2017-02-27 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support any expression as arg.
2017-03-02 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Rename expr->accu*.
2017-04-02 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Fixes for goto.
2017-02-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Mini-mes runs (cons 0 1) dump.
2017-01-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Run mini-mes.
2017-01-22 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Add gdb assembly debugging info.
2017-01-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Add fosdem talk.
2017-01-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: bugfix: arg as function call.
2017-01-18 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmini-mes: gcc: run (cons 0 1).
2017-01-15 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.74.3
2017-01-15 Matt Wettenyacc: CPP working better now
2017-01-14 Matt Wettenyacc: something working
2017-01-14 Matt Wettenyacc: still debugginug
2017-01-12 Matt Wettenyacc: working # and ## I think, but lots of debug...
2017-01-11 Matt Wettenyacc: exceptions worked on.. still need to fix #
2017-01-11 Matt Wettenyacc: new release 0.74.2
2017-01-11 Matt Wettenyacc: fixed C99 use of 'defined XYZ' (no parens)
2017-01-11 Matt Wettenyacc: merged master
2017-01-11 Matt Wettenyacc: working on fixes
2017-01-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Read and display sexp dumped by mes.
2017-01-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support global pointer assignments.
2017-01-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Add data as loadable ELF section.
2017-01-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support switch.
2017-01-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Handle enums.
2017-01-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Update for.
2017-01-17 Jan Nieuwenhuizenscm: Add string-delete.
2017-04-02 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Add open/read C-tests.
2017-01-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support ?.
2017-01-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support open, read.
2017-01-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support globals.
2017-01-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Small ELF tweaks allowing debugging with gdb.
2017-01-08 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Handle && in if and while.
2017-01-07 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Proper support for i++,++i,i--,--i.
2017-04-02 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Beginning of expression and test template.
2017-01-05 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Have micro-mes use strcmp to print help.
2017-01-05 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Compile specific for loop.
2017-01-04 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Refactor compiler.
2017-01-07 Jan Nieuwenhuizenscm: Fix psyntax/keyword/optargs interaction bug.
2017-01-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Compile file supplied on command line.
2017-01-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizennyacc: Add cpp to c99 mes module.
2017-01-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Rename symbols to globals.