mescc: Add dir to include path.
[mes.git] / module / mescc / mescc.scm
2018-08-15 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Add dir to include path.
2018-08-15 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support -l none (linking without libc).
2018-08-14 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support -o-.
2018-07-25 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Make build more autotools-like.
2018-07-22 Jan NieuwenhuizenGNU Mes.
2018-07-22 Jan Nieuwenhuizenguix: Refactor package setup.
2018-07-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Support --srcdir build.
2018-07-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Support Debian build, install.
2018-07-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Be sure to exit upon system* failure.
2018-06-16 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate for mescc-tools-0.5.
2018-05-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Use arch-dir.
2018-05-25 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Posixify interface.