bootstrap: Regenerate.
[mes.git] / mes.mes
2017-04-25 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbootstrap: Regenerate.
2017-04-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbootstrap: Regenerate.
2017-04-25 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbootstrap: Regenerate.
2017-04-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Refactor.
2016-10-12 Jan NieuwenhuizenPrepare for 0.1 release: new directory structure.
2016-07-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmes.c, scm.c: add read-char, peek-char, char=?, char...
2016-07-16 Jan Nieuwenhuizenadd scheme apply, rename apply-> apply_env.
2016-07-16 Jan Nieuwenhuizensupport cond without match, define-macro x (lambda)).
2016-07-11 Jan Nieuwenhuizenadd call-with-values, values.
2016-07-11 Jan Nieuwenhuizenrename assoc to assq.
2016-07-11 Jan Nieuwenhuizenadd vectors.
2016-07-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenadd chars.
2016-07-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenadd strings.
2016-07-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenfix for set! inside lambda.
2016-07-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenadd set!.
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizensnarf scm functions and environment.
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizeneval: disarm lambda.
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenfix evlis argumuent execution order.
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenreader: handle whitespace and comments inside lists.
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenhack to print (current-module).
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmes.c, mes.mes: support quasiquote, unquote.
2016-07-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizenboot.mes: generate from mes.mes, scm.mes, test.mes.
2016-07-08 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmes.c: support `.' and add let.
2016-07-09 Jan NieuwenhuizenLeave pure LISP.