mescc: Mes C Library: Populate with function tests from scaffold.
[mes.git] / build-aux /
2019-02-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Mes C Library: Populate with function tests...
2019-02-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Mes C Library: Start test suite.
2018-11-11 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore: String as array of bytes.
2018-11-06 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Simplify: cater for one compiler at a time.
2018-10-15 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: factor-out snarfing.
2018-10-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: x86_64 bootstrap build fixes and workaround.
2018-10-06 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Support make seed for x86_64.
2018-09-30 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Resurrect make seed.
2018-08-15 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: x86_64 support: Refactor to abstracted assembly...
2018-08-15 Jan Nieuwenhuizentest: Build initial scaffold tests without libc.
2018-08-15 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Cleanup trace output.
2018-08-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Mes C Library: Cleanup start files.
2018-08-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Initial x86_64-mes scaffold.
2018-07-25 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Make build more autotools-like.
2018-07-22 Jan NieuwenhuizenGNU Mes.
2018-07-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Support --srcdir build.
2018-06-30 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore: Prepare for the Hurd.
2018-07-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Separate Mes and Guile modules.
2018-07-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Use GNU style lower case directory configure...
2018-07-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Support Debian build, install.
2018-06-16 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate for mescc-tools-0.5.
2018-06-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support less-patched tcc/gcc: Add crti and crtn.
2018-06-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support glibc-1.06.4.
2018-05-30 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Support binutils-2.5.1.
2018-05-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Use arch-dir.
2018-05-25 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Posixify interface.
2018-05-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Use ../mes-seed/, ../tinycc-seed/refre...
2018-05-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Fixes for Debian and /bin/sh == dash.
2018-05-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Rebuild after build from seed.
2018-04-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Simplify, drop make.scm experiment.