mescc: Cleanup includes.
[mes.git] / HACKING
2018-08-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Mes C Library: Add x86_64 libc-mini support.
2018-07-22 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release update.
2018-07-23 Jan NieuwenhuizenAdd missing copyright headers.
2018-07-22 Jan NieuwenhuizenGNU Mes.
2018-07-22 Jan Nieuwenhuizenguix: Refactor package setup.
2018-07-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore: Document number->string INT-MIN failure with...
2018-07-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release update.
2018-07-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Use GNU style lower case directory configure...
2018-06-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release update.
2018-05-23 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2018-05-19 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2018-04-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2018-04-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore: Tune debug printing.
2017-11-21 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2017-11-22 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: mlib/include to include, move mlib to lib.
2017-11-11 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2017-09-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2017-07-26 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release udpate.
2017-06-08 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release update.
2017-06-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release update.
2017-06-03 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: move include into share/mlibc, allows installing...
2017-05-28 Jan Nieuwenhuizenbuild: Skip gcc, mlibc, guile or mes builds using CC...
2017-05-28 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore: Always include reader.c, drop binary read-0-32...
2017-04-27 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Release update.
2017-04-10 Jan NieuwenhuizenHACKING: Removed __MESC__ workarounds.
2017-04-06 Jan NieuwenhuizenHACKING: Removed gc.c, vector.c mescc workarounds.
2017-04-02 Jan NieuwenhuizenHACKING: scripts/mescc.mes scaffold/mini-mes runs.
2017-04-01 Jan NieuwenhuizenHACKING: scripts/mescc.mes scaffold/t.c runs.
2017-04-01 Jan NieuwenhuizenHACKING: scripts/mescc.mes scaffold/tiny-mes.c runs.
2017-04-01 Jan NieuwenhuizenHACKING: scripts/mescc.mes scaffold/cons-mes.c runs.
2017-04-01 Jan Nieuwenhuizentest: Add nyacc cpp match tests; two fail.
2017-03-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Add Roamdmap.
2017-03-19 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Cleanup mini-mes build and test.
2017-01-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizenmescc: Run mini-mes.
2017-01-22 Jan Nieuwenhuizendoc: Add gdb assembly debugging info.
2016-12-24 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate documentation.
2016-12-12 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate documentation.
2016-12-12 Jan NieuwenhuizenAdd loadable modules.
2016-12-12 Jan Nieuwenhuizencore: Cleanup cells.
2016-12-12 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate documentation wrt syntax-case.
2016-11-20 Jan NieuwenhuizenDocumentation update.
2016-10-18 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate documentation.
2016-10-15 Jan NieuwenhuizenPrepare for 0.1 release: update READMEs.
2016-10-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizencleanup and doc update.
2016-07-24 Jan NieuwenhuizenTODO/HACKING: update: lalr/paren.scm runs.
2016-07-22 Jan NieuwenhuizenUpdate documentation, remove old bug files, move bugs...