2019-06-14 Marcel SchillingAdd license master
2018-04-25 Paul HoffmanUpdate DESCRIPTION
2018-04-23 Paul HoffmanUpdate README 0.2.0-beta
2018-04-23 Paul HoffmanUpdate to 0.2.0
2018-04-23 Paul HoffmanMinor fixes to documentation
2018-04-22 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2018-04-22 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'develop' of github.com:mojaveazure/loomR...
2018-04-22 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2018-04-22 Paul HoffmanAdd calc.numi option to create
2018-04-18 andrewwbutlerminor fixes in combine to handle multiple col attrs
2018-04-18 Paul HoffmanFix combine to take a list instead of a vector
2018-04-18 Paul HoffmanUpdate .gitignore
2018-04-05 Paul HoffmanSpeed improvements to subset.loom
2018-04-03 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2018-04-03 Paul HoffmanChanges to loom$map to (hopefully) speed up chunking...
2018-03-27 Paul HoffmanAutomatically sort index.use in apply
2018-03-26 Paul HoffmanFix graph validation in validateLoom
2018-03-26 Paul HoffmanAdd graph validation step
2018-03-26 Paul HoffmanChange apply to load all data, then subset rather than...
2018-03-26 Paul HoffmanAdd preliminary graph support
2018-03-21 Christoph Hafemeisterset stringsAsFactors = FALSE in get.attribute.df
2018-03-21 Christoph HafemeisterModify get.attribute.df to return all attributes by...
2018-03-21 Paul HoffmanHave create, combine, and subset.loom automatically...
2018-03-21 Paul HoffmanAdd validation for graphs
2018-03-21 Paul HoffmanRemove redundant code
2018-03-20 Paul HoffmanBug fix in subset.loom
2018-03-19 Paul HoffmanFixes to apply, field loading, and subset.loom; new...
2018-03-19 Paul HoffmanChanges to warning messages in create
2018-03-19 Paul HoffmanProvide S4 Matrix methods to loomR for data manipulation
2018-03-16 Paul HoffmanFixes to loom$apply and subset.loom
2018-03-16 Paul HoffmanMinor fix in loom
2018-03-15 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation, change the way apply creates...
2018-03-14 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2018-03-14 Paul HoffmanShow link for subset.loom when calling help on subset
2018-03-14 Paul HoffmanTweaks to catn
2018-03-08 Paul HoffmanAdd ability to transpose input data
2018-03-08 Paul HoffmanUpdate README
2018-03-05 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'master' into develop
2018-03-01 Paul HoffmanAdd loomR::combine
2018-03-01 Paul HoffmanUpate documentation
2018-02-28 Paul HoffmanMore updates
2018-02-28 Paul HoffmanUpdates to gitignore and DESCRIPTION
2018-02-27 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'develop' of github.com:mojaveazure/loomR...
2018-02-27 Paul HoffmanStart working on a combine function
2018-02-23 Paul HoffmanMinor usability fix
2018-02-23 Andrew ButlerMerge branch 'develop' of github.com:mojaveazure/loomR...
2018-02-23 Andrew Butlerclose progress bar connections
2018-02-22 Paul HoffmanChange validation to add missing groups; update documen...
2018-02-21 Paul HoffmanAdd preliminary support for row and column edges
2018-02-09 andrewwbutlerallow add.attribute to take a data.frame - convert...
2018-02-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation some more
2018-02-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2018-02-09 Paul HoffmanChange add.layers to support streaming sparse matrices
2018-02-08 Paul HoffmanFix documentation, add proper support for R sparse...
2018-02-07 andrewwbutlerremove extra comma, rerun docs
2018-02-07 Paul HoffmanChunk loomR::create
2018-01-31 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'develop' of github.com:mojaveazure/loomR...
2018-01-31 Paul HoffmanAdd support for multidimensional row- and column-attributes
2018-01-30 Paul HoffmanMerge pull request #4 from ChristophH/master
2018-01-30 Paul HoffmanMerge pull request #5 from ChristophH/develop
2018-01-30 Christoph Hafemeisterallow more flexible results shapes when mapping a function
2018-01-30 Christoph HafemeisterMerge branch 'master' into develop
2018-01-09 ChristophHfix bug in create when checking chunk.dims length
2018-01-03 Paul HoffmanUse logging functions, change error messages, expand...
2018-01-03 Paul HoffmanAdd some new logging functions
2018-01-03 Paul HoffmanFixes to add.cells, start add.loom
2018-01-02 Paul HoffmanMinor fix to subset.loom, added more to add.cells
2017-12-19 Paul HoffmanAdd stuff for add.cells
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanFix display messages
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanMade changes and tested them, subset.loom works now...
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanR doesn't evaluate variables in list creation...
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanI should fix create at some point...
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanIf you're happy and you know it, syntax error!
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanBecause I can't remember how my methods work...
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanBug fix in create
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanAdd some defaults to subset.loom
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanUpdate author list
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanUpdate description
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanCleanup and reorganize code
2017-12-12 Paul HoffmanAdd subset function
2017-12-12 Paul HoffmanBegan support for selective-chunking in apply
2017-12-12 Paul HoffmanSlight refactoring
2017-12-12 Andrew Butleradd ability to extract a dataframe of multiple row_attr...
2017-11-16 Paul HoffmanFixes to batch iteration. Allow skipping of validation...
2017-11-15 Paul HoffmanSyntax error
2017-11-14 Paul HoffmanBeginnings of add cells method
2017-11-14 Paul HoffmanSyntax error
2017-11-14 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mojaveazure/loomR
2017-11-14 Paul HoffmanUse characters rather than 'versions' to store version...
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanAdd method to clean up object once garbage collected
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate README.md
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanFixed issues with chunking and iterating
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate issues with chunk iteration
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanFix issue with adding attributes
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanAdd overwrite to add layer and add atribute
2017-11-09 Paul Hoffmanchange margin to 1 for genes and 2 for cells
2017-11-08 Paul Hoffmanupdate readme
2017-11-08 Paul HoffmanCleanup namespace
2017-11-08 Paul HoffmanClean code