Add ability to transpose input data
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2018-03-08 Paul HoffmanAdd ability to transpose input data
2018-03-05 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'master' into develop
2018-03-01 Paul HoffmanAdd loomR::combine
2018-03-01 Paul HoffmanUpate documentation
2018-02-23 Andrew ButlerMerge branch 'develop' of
2018-02-22 Paul HoffmanChange validation to add missing groups; update documen...
2018-02-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation some more
2018-02-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2018-02-08 Paul HoffmanFix documentation, add proper support for R sparse...
2018-02-07 andrewwbutlerremove extra comma, rerun docs
2018-01-30 Christoph HafemeisterMerge branch 'master' into develop
2018-01-02 Paul HoffmanMinor fix to subset.loom, added more to add.cells
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanMade changes and tested them, subset.loom works now...
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanAdd some defaults to subset.loom
2017-12-12 Paul HoffmanAdd subset function
2017-12-12 Andrew Butleradd ability to extract a dataframe of multiple row_attr...
2017-11-16 Paul HoffmanFixes to batch iteration. Allow skipping of validation...
2017-11-14 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2017-11-09 Paul HoffmanAdd overwrite to add layer and add atribute
2017-11-09 Paul Hoffmanchange margin to 1 for genes and 2 for cells
2017-11-08 Paul HoffmanCleanup namespace
2017-11-08 Paul HoffmanFixes and stuff
2017-11-06 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2017-11-03 Paul HoffmanExpand apply, update documentation
2017-11-03 Paul HoffmanFinished map and made it an R6 method
2017-11-03 Paul HoffmanFIx issues where iterators and itertools weren't loadin...
2017-11-02 Paul HoffmanFixed install issue while retaining S4
2017-11-02 Paul HoffmanMap designed for R6(ish)
2017-11-01 Paul HoffmanClean code, update documentation
2017-11-01 Paul HoffmanFix issues with create, further progress on batching
2017-10-31 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'master' of
2017-10-31 Paul HoffmanBegun implementation of batch.scan
2017-10-31 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2017-10-30 Paul HoffmanExpand documentation
2017-10-30 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanAdd to create and start framework support framework...
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanAdd some stuff to create
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanRe-export validateLoom and start create function
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanInital version of loom in R6
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanUpdates to documentation
2017-10-26 Paul HoffmanUpdate documentation, flesh out validateLoom
2017-10-20 Paul HoffmanMinor fixes
2017-10-20 Paul HoffmanInitial commit