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[loomr.git] / DESCRIPTION
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanUpdate author list
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanUpdate description
2017-12-13 Paul HoffmanCleanup and reorganize code
2017-11-06 Paul HoffmanGet apply working (I think), fix some stuff with map
2017-11-03 Paul HoffmanFIx issues where iterators and itertools weren't loadin...
2017-11-02 Paul HoffmanFixed install issue while retaining S4
2017-11-02 Paul HoffmanRename file
2017-11-02 Paul HoffmanAllow S4 methods to be set for loom
2017-11-01 Paul HoffmanClean code, update documentation
2017-10-31 Paul HoffmanMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mojaveazure/loomR
2017-10-31 Paul HoffmanBegun implementation of batch.scan
2017-10-27 Paul HoffmanAdd some stuff to create
2017-10-20 Paul HoffmanInitial commit