2020-05-19 Jason SelfUpdate GCC to 10.1 master
2020-03-12 Jason SelfUpdate GCC to 9.3
2020-02-01 Jason SelfUpdate GMP to v6.2.0
2020-02-01 Jason SelfUpdate GNU Binutils to v2.34
2019-11-30 Jason SelfSave PATH in a variable for restoration instead of...
2019-08-22 Jason SelfUpdate GCC to v9.2
2019-05-08 Jason SelfAdd OpenRISC 1000 target
2019-05-08 Jason SelfUpdate GCC to v9.1
2019-04-07 Jason SelfMention Flex as a dependency in the README
2019-04-02 Jason SelfAdd m68k
2019-02-23 Jason SelfUpdate GCC to v8.3
2019-02-10 Jason SelfRegenerate GNU build system files for MPFR
2019-02-10 Jason SelfUpdate binutils submodule to v2.32 and GCC submodule...
2019-01-04 Jason SelfWrap the architecture array across multiple lines
2019-01-04 Jason SelfBe more verbose about dependencies
2019-01-01 Jason SelfAdd mipsel-linux to architectures
2019-01-01 Jason SelfSet export-ignore on .gitmodules
2019-01-01 Jason SelfAdd gitattributes and gitignore
2018-12-31 Jason SelfSetting up initial repository