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2016-04-15 David GriffithAdding a TODO.
2016-04-15 David GriffithAdded Chapter 11.
2016-04-15 David GriffithPulling in Pygments' lexer for Inform6 in preparation...
2016-04-14 Glenn HutchingsUse blockdiag to create the Heidi box diagrams.
2016-04-14 Glenn HutchingsMinor tweaks to the main index file.
2016-04-14 David GriffithSome proofreading and fixes here and there.
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2016-04-14 David GriffithIncreased html page_width a bit to allow for all 80...
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2016-04-13 David GriffithMore drop capitals.
2016-04-13 David GriffithStupid syntax error: missing blank line.
2016-04-13 David GriffithUsing the Emerald package from CTAN for the drop capitals.
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2016-04-07 David GriffithAdding some illuminated letters.
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