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2016-04-27 Glenn HutchingsDo a bunch of proofreading fixes.
2016-04-25 David GriffithSome highlighting fixes.
2016-04-23 Glenn HutchingsLink all the page references to their correct places.
2016-04-22 Glenn HutchingsUse default role in glossary.
2016-04-21 Glenn HutchingsMinor fixes for LaTeX build.
2016-04-21 Glenn HutchingsAdd appendix F.
2016-04-21 Glenn HutchingsAdd appendix E.
2016-04-18 Glenn HutchingsFix up action list in Appendix A.
2016-04-15 David GriffithAdding another TODO
2016-04-13 Glenn HutchingsUse titlesec package to handle page breaks before sections.
2016-04-13 David GriffithAdded Appendix D.
2016-04-13 David GriffithAdded Appendix C.
2016-04-13 David GriffithFor LaTeX: Start each chapter and appendix on a new...
2016-04-13 David GriffithMore drop capitals.
2016-04-09 Glenn HutchingsAdd some appendices.