2017-07-26 CafeAdjust parameters to match
2017-07-26 CafeImplement job queue
2017-07-26 CafeMaybe begin work on replay jobs?
2017-07-26 CafeDump framebuffer to file
2017-07-26 CafeEnable fragment jobs
2017-07-26 CafeFix FBD
2017-07-26 CafeHmm
2017-07-26 CafeCombine jobs
2017-07-26 Cafe"
2017-07-26 CafeBecome officially lost
2017-07-26 CafeFix another discrepency
2017-07-26 CafeIncrease memory padding to hack around memory bugs
2017-07-25 CafeHexdump footer
2017-07-25 CafeSend another hex dump
2017-07-25 CafeMirror unknown 7
2017-07-25 CafeDifferentiate a blob byte
2017-07-25 CafeShader differentiation
2017-07-25 CafeFix requirements for tiler
2017-07-25 CafeBegin tiler job generation from vertex
2017-07-25 CafeVertex jobs maybe work?
2017-07-25 CafeLoad vertices
2017-07-25 CafeDump some magic numbers
2017-07-25 CafeImport shader
2017-07-25 CafeFirst pass vertex job
2017-07-25 CafeRefactor mfbd generation
2017-07-25 CafeReplay framebuffer job
2017-07-25 CafeMatch traces (1/3)
2017-07-25 CafePopulate fbd enough to not segfault the kernel
2017-07-25 CafeBegin emitting fragment jobs
2017-07-25 CafeKeep shim out of tree
2017-07-25 CafeFix sync alignment
2017-07-25 CafeMove out memory allocation code
2017-07-25 CafeStub out CBMA
2017-07-25 CafeRefactor out shim code
2017-07-25 CafeRefactor given recent oolong work
2017-07-24 CafeVertex buffer
2017-07-23 CafeWrite up about tentative shader information
2017-07-22 CafeLink to Connor's toolchain
2017-07-21 CafeCorrect error in about vertex jobs
2017-07-20 CafeCheck in framebuffer memory map notes
2017-07-20 CafeFramebuffer is BGRA8888
2017-07-20 CafeUpdate fragment information
2017-07-20 CafeTile size
2017-07-20 CafeGreen is deprecated?
2017-07-20 CafeUpdate README
2017-07-19 CafeCheck in initial job notes
2017-07-19 CafeAdd coarse job memory map
2017-07-17 CafeFix job set value completion
2017-07-15 CafeRepo cleanup
2017-07-15 CafeRewrite README
2017-07-15 CafeDeclutter
2017-07-12 CafeAmend legal notes
2017-07-12 CafeMinimise test to enable oolong work
2017-07-08 CafeEllipse information from jc fuzzing
2017-07-08 CafeFix long fuzz typo
2017-07-08 CafeFix perms on long-fuzz
2017-07-08 CafeLong fuzz bash script
2017-07-08 CafeAdditional modifications for faster fuzzing
2017-07-08 CafeTemporarily switch to 32-bit mode for faster fuzzing
2017-07-08 CafeRewrite fuzzer to better match real usage patterns
2017-07-08 CafeBegin working on compute shaders given new information
2017-07-08 CafeMisc notes on latest
2017-07-08 CafePartially remove debug code
2017-07-08 CafeUnknowns were a ruse!
2017-07-08 CafeFirst half of set value
2017-07-08 CafeSuccessful... cache flush?
2017-07-08 CafeExperiment with paramaters
2017-07-08 CafeSwitch to the (easier?) problem of compute shaders
2017-07-07 CafeJob type synthesis
2017-07-07 CafeRemove fuzz_rand32
2017-07-07 CafeSmall refactor
2017-07-07 CafeTentative guesswork
2017-07-07 CafeFuzz more?
2017-07-07 CafeAllocate fbd
2017-07-07 CafeChug along with new data structures
2017-07-07 CafeTrack extracted job definitions
2017-07-07 CafeRemove unnecessary includes
2017-07-07 CafeRebuild against extracted structures
2017-07-07 CafeTurns out I need to research more
2017-07-07 CafeInvestigate odd reading phenomenon
2017-07-06 CafeDocument the new fault
2017-07-06 CafeContinue fuzzing the remaining arguments (results!)
2017-07-06 CafeRefine structure based on linked list knowledge
2017-07-06 CafeFurther evidence for a linked list found
2017-07-06 CafePure speculation about the format
2017-07-06 CafeTrack inner buffer as well
2017-07-06 CafeExperiment
2017-07-06 CafeReenable job chain fuzzing with the new allocation
2017-07-06 CafeCleanup memory
2017-07-06 CafeAttempt to allocate mystery block under 32-bit space
2017-07-06 CafeRefactor memory management functions
2017-07-06 CafeRevert fuzzing to press on in other areas
2017-07-06 CafePress on fuzzing the other unknowns
2017-07-06 CafeFuzz the unknown words as well, producing hit.log
2017-07-06 CafeSqueeze
2017-07-06 CafeConstrained search space
2017-07-06 CafeFurther investigations with the fuzzer
2017-07-06 CafeCheck-in associated sample's error.
2017-07-06 CafeCheck in new data sample
2017-07-06 CafeFuzz based on a heuristic... it worked!