[chai.git] / fuzz.c
2017-07-06 CafeExperiment
2017-07-06 CafeReenable job chain fuzzing with the new allocation
2017-07-06 CafeCleanup memory
2017-07-06 CafeAttempt to allocate mystery block under 32-bit space
2017-07-06 CafeRefactor memory management functions
2017-07-06 CafeRevert fuzzing to press on in other areas
2017-07-06 CafePress on fuzzing the other unknowns
2017-07-06 CafeFuzz the unknown words as well, producing hit.log
2017-07-06 CafeSqueeze
2017-07-06 CafeFurther investigations with the fuzzer
2017-07-06 CafeFuzz based on a heuristic... it worked!
2017-07-06 CafeFaster fuzz
2017-07-06 CafeFree GPU memory
2017-07-06 CafeFuzz logic
2017-07-06 CafeReplace indexed array for job chain struct
2017-07-06 CafeCleanup code
2017-07-06 CafeImplement memory syncing
2017-07-06 CafeReimplement job descriptor fuzzer with new information
2017-07-06 CafeImplement known fields of the job descriptor
2017-07-06 CafeOther fuzzing attempts
2017-07-06 CafeLong shot -- send the decoded header?
2017-07-06 CafeSeed PRNG
2017-07-06 CafeRework fuzzer
2017-07-06 CafeBegin fuzzing job chains
2017-07-05 CafeMention results of hexdump
2017-07-05 CafeHexdump buffer
2017-07-05 CafeCleanup after mmap work
2017-07-05 CafeMap the MTP
2017-07-05 CafeExperiment with mmap flags
2017-07-05 CafeBegin mmap experimentation
2017-07-05 CafePrepare for mmap
2017-07-05 CafeExperiment with allocation->jc
2017-07-04 CafeUpdate comments
2017-07-04 CafeUse allocated buffer for jc
2017-07-04 CafePreliminary job submit stub
2017-07-04 CafeBegin stubbing out job submit code
2017-07-03 CafeSwitch from alloc to import
2017-07-03 CafeFix ioctl macro and begin work on memory allocation
2017-07-03 CafeComment code.
2017-07-03 CafeRefactor shim test code
2017-07-03 CafeMove shim compatibility code into a separate file
2017-07-03 CafeHandshake with shim and dump version information
2017-07-03 CafeShow needed defines to #include shim headers