Fix vertex upload regression
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2017-07-22 CafeLink to Connor's toolchain
2017-07-20 CafeGreen is deprecated?
2017-07-20 CafeUpdate README
2017-07-15 CafeRewrite README
2017-07-12 CafeAmend legal notes
2017-07-08 CafeEllipse information from jc fuzzing
2017-07-07 CafeTurns out I need to research more
2017-07-07 CafeInvestigate odd reading phenomenon
2017-07-06 CafeDocument the new fault
2017-07-06 CafeFurther evidence for a linked list found
2017-07-06 CafePure speculation about the format
2017-07-06 CafeConstrained search space
2017-07-06 CafeFurther investigations with the fuzzer
2017-07-06 CafeCheck-in associated sample's error.
2017-07-06 CafeCheck in new data sample
2017-07-06 CafeFix broken link to oolong
2017-07-06 CafeImplement memory syncing
2017-07-06 CafeDocument job descriptor from the errata file
2017-07-06 CafeClarify name joke
2017-07-06 CafeIt's an engineering notebook, not a README.
2017-07-06 CafeJob chain fuzzing notes
2017-07-05 CafeWrite about methodology in README
2017-07-05 CafeMention RK3288 in README
2017-07-04 CafeConsistent case scheme
2017-07-04 CafeExplain silly name
2017-07-04 CafeLima possibly reference?
2017-07-04 CafeRewrite driver flow
2017-07-04 CafeMention GPL peculiarities
2017-07-04 CafeAllocation and diffing can be avoided with page faults
2017-07-03 CafeWrite more about shim architecture
2017-07-03 CafeMention offline shader compiler
2017-07-03 CafeReference work on Lima
2017-07-03 CafeFix spelling
2017-07-03 CafeAdd native operation
2017-07-03 CafeInitial commit