kconfig: drop localization support
[carl9170fw.git] / config / conf.c
2019-02-10 Sam Ravnborgkconfig: drop localization support
2019-02-10 Don Zickuskconfig: extend output of 'listnewconfig'
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: hide irrelevant sub-menus for oldconfig
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: remove redundant input_mode test for check_con...
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: remove unneeded input_mode test in conf()
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: do not call check_conf() for olddefconfig
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: send error messages to stderr
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: echo stdin to stdout if either is redirected
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: remove check_stdin()
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: show '?' prompt even if no help text is available
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: make xfgets() really static
2019-02-10 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: make input_mode static
2016-04-27 Markus Mayerkconfig: allow kconfig to handle longer path names
2015-05-20 Michal Marekkconfig: Do not print status messages in make -s mode
2015-01-01 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: trivial - use tabs for code indent where possible
2013-10-25 Christian LamparterMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/chunkeey...
2013-10-23 Yann E. MORINkconfig: loop as long as we changed some symbols in...
2013-10-23 Yann E. MORINkconfig/conf: print the seed used to initialise the...
2013-10-23 Yann E. MORINkconfig/conf: accept a base-16 seed for randconfig
2013-06-01 Christian LamparterMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/chunkeey...
2013-05-31 Yann E. MORINkconfig: allow specifying the seed for randconfig
2013-03-23 Christian LamparterMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/chunkeey...
2013-03-22 Ben Hutchingskbuild: Fix missing '\n' for NEW symbols in yes ""...
2012-08-19 Christian LamparterMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/chunkeey...
2012-07-21 Eric W. Biedermankbuild: all{no,yes,mod,def,rand}config only read files...
2012-07-21 Eric W. Biedermankconfig: Add error handling to KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG
2011-08-17 Christian Lamparterconfig: import latest kconfig
2010-07-19 Christian Lampartercarl9170 firmware: import 1.7.0 1.7.0