fwcutter/make: Avoid _DEFAULT_SOURCE warning
[b43-tools.git] / assembler /
2013-02-28 Michael Bueschb43-asm: const-ify yyerror() argument
2013-02-28 Hauke Mehrtensb43-asm: fix compile error: undefined reference to...
2011-09-12 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Fix some dependency issues
2011-09-12 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Add new instructions to README
2011-09-12 Francesco Gringolib43-asm, b43-dasm: Add 5 new instructions.
2011-08-21 Michael BueschUpdate my e-mail address
2010-09-24 Michael BueschAssembler: Don't print the real binary name in the...
2010-09-24 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Minor fixes
2010-09-21 Michael Bueschassembler: Make wrapper script posix shell compliant.
2010-09-21 Michael BueschAssembler: Fix CPP lineinfo interpreter
2010-09-21 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Improve cflags
2010-09-20 Michael BueschThrow errors on missing header files
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschassembler: Fix debug output
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschassembler: Put commandline args into structure
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Update selftest to support r15 arch
2010-09-20 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Add support for calls/rets (untested)
2010-09-19 Michael BueschAssembler: Better error message for %arch
2010-09-19 Michael BueschUpdate .gitignore
2010-09-19 Michael BueschUpdate file headers
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschassembler/disassembler: Fix indirect mem addressing...
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschassembler: Add support for raw output format
2010-09-19 Michael Bueschassembler: Some r15 fixes
2010-08-07 Michael Bueschb43asm: Update README
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschassembler: Fix sparse warnings
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschasm/disasm: Add sparse support, Add quiet build, Add...
2009-11-26 Michael Bueschasm: Don't ignore install failures
2009-06-02 Michael BueschUpdate .gitignore
2008-06-19 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Add tram keyword for writing to template ram
2008-06-16 Michael BueschAdd generated files to .gitignore
2008-06-16 Michael BueschFix compiler warning on certain architectures.
2008-06-14 Michael BueschAllow passing CPP parameters right after the filenames.
2008-06-14 Michael BueschMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.bu3sch.de/home/git...
2008-06-14 Michael BueschWarn on usage of offset register 6. It is broken.
2008-06-09 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Update some comments.
2008-06-09 Michael BueschAllow inline %assert inside of complex immediates.
2008-06-09 Michael BueschAdd support for assemble-time assertions.
2008-06-05 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Allow complex immediates in M and S operands.
2008-05-26 Michael BueschUse gcc -E as preprocessor, as cpp will cause problems...
2008-05-24 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Only warning, not error, on RET after JMP
2008-05-24 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Add trivial selftest.
2008-05-22 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Allow complex immediates in initvals.
2008-05-22 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Change the filenames of the binaries.
2008-05-18 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Add an option to print the code sizes after...
2008-05-18 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Change JMP emulation from JE to JEXT
2008-05-18 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Fix the reverse search for JMPs before RETs
2008-05-18 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Fix memory allocation bug.
2008-05-18 Michael Bueschasm/dasm: Let's simply comment out these lines that...
2008-05-17 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Throw error when using RET after a jump
2008-05-16 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Terminate instructions with ; instead of |
2008-01-27 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Make use of complex immediates as memory offse...
2008-01-26 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Allow terminating lines with |
2008-01-25 Michael Bueschb43-asm: Pass external conditions as immediates
2007-11-17 Michael Bueschasm: Cleanup makefile.
2007-11-17 Michael Bueschasm: Fix the preprocessing script.
2007-11-16 Michael Bueschassembler: Remove two fixmes.
2007-11-11 Michael Bueschassembler: Fix label-immediate for v15
2007-11-11 Michael BueschPartial support for the new v15 architecture.
2007-11-10 Michael BueschRename bcm43xx -> b43
2007-11-10 Michael BueschInitial commit.