2019-12-03 selfhosterSmall REST API cleanup 449/head
2019-12-03 selfhoster/download/, /search/, /tracks/ now also accept GET...
2019-12-02 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-12-02 RemixDevAdded #106
2019-12-02 RemixDevUpdated lang pt-BR
2019-12-01 RemixDevFixed arch for win64
2019-12-01 RemixDevFixed arch for win32 and win64
2019-12-01 RemixDevPartially fixed #10
2019-12-01 RemixDevFixed #103 and updated tr.json
2019-11-30 RemixDevChanged error signs in warning signs on online/offline...
2019-11-30 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded notification and logging in stuff
2019-11-30 RemixDevSlight changes to the REST API
2019-11-30 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded #6
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded download bar update on already downloaded tracks
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded Korean
2019-11-30 selfhostermerge branch 'development' of RemixDevs/DeezloaderRemix... 448/head
2019-11-30 selfhosterMove REST API documentation out of readme (into wiki)
2019-11-30 selfhostermove REST APIs to their own section
2019-11-30 selfhostersmall api and api comments cleanup
2019-11-30 selfhoster/api/queue, returns length and items of downloadQueue
2019-11-30 selfhoster/api/tracks, returns tracklists or albumlists
2019-11-29 RemixDevUpdated translation files
2019-11-29 RemixDevMoved bitrate check for optimization
2019-11-29 RemixDevAdded #99 (needs testing)
2019-11-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-28 selfhosterSearch REST API readme 447/head
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed spotify features reset settings desync
2019-11-28 selfhosterAdded search to REST API
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed albums folder generating on playlists without...
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed album folder not creating for albums
2019-11-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed download for playlists
2019-11-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-28 selfhostermove /download to /api/download 446/head
2019-11-28 selfhosterREST API readme update 445/head
2019-11-28 selfhosterremoved unnecessary login from rest api
2019-11-27 selfhostersimple download REST api
2019-11-26 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-11-26 RemixDevMade a lot of changes in folder management and generation
2019-11-26 RemixDevFixed save playlist as Compilation #76
2019-11-25 RemixDevMerge remote-tracking branch 'french/development' into...
2019-11-25 RemixDevAdded arabic
2019-11-25 LaurentHaFrench translation updated with the latest additions... 444/head
2019-11-23 RemixDevRemoved all href="#" when not needed
2019-11-23 RemixDevFixed #96
2019-11-22 RemixDevMobile View enhancements
2019-11-21 RemixDevFixed viewing issues for quality modal
2019-11-21 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-11-21 RemixDevMerged Download from URL tab into search TAB
2019-11-21 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-11-17 RemixDevMerge branch 'master' of Nick80835/DeezloaderRemix...
2019-11-17 Nick Filmerremove the excessive logging, I am stupid 443/head
2019-11-17 Nick FilmerRewrite the limiting, now with common sense
2019-11-17 Nick FilmerApply the limit to tracks too
2019-11-17 Nick FilmerRate limit download progress bars
2019-11-17 RemixDevRevert "removed fluent download bars (UI can't keep...
2019-11-13 RemixDevFixed m3u file naming for playlists
2019-11-11 RemixDevAdded #2
2019-11-10 RemixDevFixed #83
2019-11-10 RemixDevAdded #66
2019-11-04 RemixDevFixed #75
2019-11-04 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of nitrooxid/DeezloaderRemix...
2019-11-02 NitroOxidAdded Russian translation 442/head
2019-10-29 RemixDevFixed everything crashing and burning
2019-10-29 RemixDevAdded support for 360 Audio and fixed download for...
2019-10-21 RemixDevqueueConcurrency default is now 3
2019-10-21 RemixDevreplaced no gain with false
2019-10-19 RemixDevAdded failed count to downloaded count for consistency
2019-10-17 RemixDevFixed #69
2019-10-16 RemixDevthinner download bar
2019-10-16 RemixDevUpdated Downloads tab
2019-10-16 RemixDevMerge branch 'master' of Nick80835/DeezloaderRemix...
2019-10-16 RemixDevremoved fluent download bars (UI can't keep up)
2019-10-16 Nick Filmerfat background progress bars 440/head 441/head
2019-10-16 RemixDevupdated tr
2019-10-16 RemixDevreadded fluent download bars (needs testing)
2019-10-16 RemixDevRemoved fluent download bars to fix download issues
2019-10-15 RemixDevAdded more fluent download bars (might be unstable)
2019-10-15 RemixDevMerge remote-tracking branch 'french/development' into...
2019-10-15 RemixDevUpdated turkish
2019-10-15 RemixDevAdded danish
2019-10-10 LaurentHaFrench translation updated with the latest additions... 439/head
2019-10-07 RemixDevAdded #11
2019-10-07 RemixDevupdated deezer-api (Fixed #63)
2019-10-07 RemixDevTranslated even more strings
2019-10-07 RemixDevupdated dark mode
2019-10-07 RemixDevupdated pt-BR
2019-10-06 RemixDevforced toast messages on bottom section
2019-10-06 RemixDevremoved debugging stuff
2019-10-06 RemixDevchanged error string track is empty
2019-10-05 RemixDevUpdated Turkish
2019-10-05 RemixDevMaybe fixed #38 (again)
2019-10-05 RemixDevMerge remote-tracking branch 'feature/master' into...
2019-10-05 RemixDevMerge remote-tracking branch 'french/development' into...
2019-10-05 RemixDevmoved things around to make more sense
2019-10-05 LaurentHaFrench translation updated with the latest additions... 438/head
2019-10-05 RemixDevFixed tabs having scrollbar on startup
2019-10-05 RemixDevcleaned up the UI