2 days ago RemixDevFixed multitag for composer in MP3 development
2 days ago RemixDevFixed multitag separator
4 days ago RemixDevchanged "new" badge color
4 days ago RemixDev"New" badge now lasts for 3 more days after release
5 days ago RemixDevFixed missing image and added "new" badge for new relea...
5 days ago RemixDevAdded #136, yet again (please make up your mind)
7 days ago RemixDevAdded #136, again
7 days ago RemixDevFixed preview icon not hiding after preview finished
7 days ago RemixDevAdded Preview Volume slider in settings
7 days ago RemixDevFixed disc folder creating for single tracks
7 days ago RemixDevAdded #136
10 days ago selfhosteradd /clearqueue to REST API
10 days ago RemixDevChanged how artist tagging works, using picard standard...
11 days ago RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of spAILDEcle/DeezloaderRemi...
11 days ago spAILDEcleFix fullArtist setting (typo) 452/head 453/head
12 days ago RemixDevAdded full artist list in ARTISTS tag option
12 days ago RemixDevFixed album modal not loading songs
12 days ago RemixDevAutomatically remove expired arl autologin
12 days ago RemixDevFixed artist modal UI issues
12 days ago RemixDevUpdated pt-BR.json
12 days ago RemixDevFixed #142
12 days ago RemixDevAdded " & " separator (#141)
12 days ago RemixDevSave as Compilation is now Plex Compliant (Solves ...
12 days ago RemixDevMade possible to use subfolders in name templates again
12 days ago RemixDevSome UI enhancements
12 days ago RemixDevAdded sorting tables and #45
13 days ago RemixDevAdded continuous scrolling search
13 days ago selfhosterAdd /canceldownload to REST API
2019-12-29 LaurentHaImprovements in the French translation
2019-12-28 RemixDevFixed spacing and added UI hints for artist_id
2019-12-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of spAILDEcle/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-12-28 spAILDEcleAdd %artist_id% to playlist folder name 451/head
2019-12-28 spAILDEcleAdd %artist_id% to album folder name
2019-12-07 RemixDevFixed #115
2019-12-05 RemixDevUpdated buffer for flacs from 2MB to 10MB because of...
2019-12-05 RemixDevMerged changes to fr.json
2019-12-05 RemixDevVersion bump
2019-12-04 RemixDevUpdate 4.3.0 master
2019-12-04 RemixDevUpdate 4.3.0
2019-12-04 RemixDevAdded 360 audio quality to REST API
2019-12-04 RemixDevFixed playlist and local cover names
2019-12-04 RemixDevVersion bump
2019-12-04 RemixDevUpdated tr.json
2019-12-04 selfhosterMove postman collection to root
2019-12-04 selfhosterREST API postman collection
2019-12-04 selfhosterGET/download/ supports commaseperated urls, cleaned...
2019-12-03 selfhosterREST /download/ now accepts quality
2019-12-03 RemixDevMade alreadyInQueue for REST API more reliable
2019-12-03 RemixDevfixed alreadyInQueue for REST API
2019-12-03 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-12-03 selfhosterSmall REST API cleanup 449/head
2019-12-03 selfhoster/download/, /search/, /tracks/ now also accept GET...
2019-12-02 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-12-02 RemixDevAdded #106
2019-12-02 RemixDevUpdated lang pt-BR
2019-12-01 RemixDevFixed arch for win64
2019-12-01 RemixDevFixed arch for win32 and win64
2019-12-01 RemixDevPartially fixed #10
2019-12-01 RemixDevFixed #103 and updated tr.json
2019-11-30 RemixDevChanged error signs in warning signs on online/offline...
2019-11-30 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded notification and logging in stuff
2019-11-30 RemixDevSlight changes to the REST API
2019-11-30 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded #6
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded download bar update on already downloaded tracks
2019-11-30 RemixDevAdded Korean
2019-11-30 selfhostermerge branch 'development' of RemixDevs/DeezloaderRemix... 448/head
2019-11-30 selfhosterMove REST API documentation out of readme (into wiki)
2019-11-30 selfhostermove REST APIs to their own section
2019-11-30 selfhostersmall api and api comments cleanup
2019-11-30 selfhoster/api/queue, returns length and items of downloadQueue
2019-11-30 selfhoster/api/tracks, returns tracklists or albumlists
2019-11-29 RemixDevUpdated translation files
2019-11-29 RemixDevMoved bitrate check for optimization
2019-11-29 RemixDevAdded #99 (needs testing)
2019-11-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-28 selfhosterSearch REST API readme 447/head
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed spotify features reset settings desync
2019-11-28 selfhosterAdded search to REST API
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed albums folder generating on playlists without...
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed album folder not creating for albums
2019-11-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-28 RemixDevFixed download for playlists
2019-11-28 RemixDevMerge branch 'development' of selfhoster/DeezloaderRemi...
2019-11-28 selfhostermove /download to /api/download 446/head
2019-11-28 selfhosterREST API readme update 445/head
2019-11-28 selfhosterremoved unnecessary login from rest api
2019-11-27 selfhostersimple download REST api
2019-11-26 RemixDevUpdated language files
2019-11-26 RemixDevMade a lot of changes in folder management and generation
2019-11-26 RemixDevFixed save playlist as Compilation #76
2019-11-25 RemixDevMerge remote-tracking branch 'french/development' into...
2019-11-25 RemixDevAdded arabic
2019-11-25 LaurentHaFrench translation updated with the latest additions... 444/head
2019-11-23 RemixDevRemoved all href="#" when not needed
2019-11-23 RemixDevFixed #96
2019-11-22 RemixDevMobile View enhancements
2019-11-21 RemixDevFixed viewing issues for quality modal
2019-11-21 RemixDevUpdated language files