Fixed Album Regex and made ID3 standard date only for MP3s
[DeezloaderRemix.git] / .gitignore
2019-04-25 RemixDevMerge branch 'captcha-login'
2019-04-10 RemixDevMerge branch 'master' into captcha-login
2019-03-30 RemixDevMerge branch 'captcha-login' of dhsfcuz/DeezloaderRemix...
2019-03-29 dhsfcuzrecaptcha login support 284/head 286/head
2019-01-31 RemixDevMerge branch 'truncate-foldername' of chlorophyll-zz...
2019-01-18 RemixDevMaybe fixed the queue problem
2019-01-18 RemixDevMerge branch '123' of throwaway234/DeezloaderRemix...
2018-12-31 throwaway234Add lockfiles to repo to prevent other dependency issue... 124/head
2018-09-10 RemixDevUpdated gitignore
2018-08-25 RemixDevUp to date commit
2018-08-25 RemixDevRelease 4.0.1 4.0.1